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1680: Born in London, England
1715: Embraced in London, England
1720: Lands near Philadelphia.
1720-1998: Travels around the United States and brief trip overseas for Conclaves.
1998: Travels to the conclave in Vienna.
1999: Settles in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
2002: Travels overseas.
2013: Travels back overseas briefly to seek information on his sire.
2014: Praxis changes in Grand Rapids.
2015: Leaves Michigan towards Northern Ohio.

Reading takes great pride in restoring original edition books and gifting them to those he respects.

Ivanhoe: Gifted to Prince Torquil Moireasdan
War and Peace: Gifted to Prince Catherine Pershing
Gone with the Wind: Gifted to Orenna Komnenos
Wuthering Heights: Gifted by Scarlett Thorne
Critique of Pure Reason: Gifted to Marco Escobar



  • No one has that pristine of a history. Somewhere someone saw something and was made to forget.
  • Reading is a lover of poetry.
  • The particular type of poetry he is reading often reflects his mood. More than a few times he has been known to be carrying a book of some of the classic love poems.
  • Don't let his charm fool you. He is always on a mission. If he's being too nice to you chances are you're the objective.
  • Currently involved in spreading slander against a certain Ventrue Prince.
  • Reading loves gin. If you ever want to get something out of him that is a great place to start.
  • Recently he has undertaken a war against one of the nation's most beloved neonates. And it has Cleveland choosing sides.
  • Only once has Reading been seen to wear a color other than white or black and it was at a recent Cleveland gathering.
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  • "I think he's probably nice in person...but probably that scary kind of nice that you're afraid to accidentally say the wrong thing." - Kendall Bailey
  • "He treated me like a neonate like a good elder should. However, he telegraphed his motives too easily so this puppet shall not be dancing for him." - Spencer
  • "I adore a man who recognizes great poetry and fine alcohol." - Orenna Komnenos, the Black
  • "Feel free to add yours here!"


Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Social Status: Elder
Position: Keeper of Elysium
Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, Privileged, Honorable, Courageous

Domain: Cleveland, Ohio
Player: Casey H.
VST: Cleveland Cam VST.

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