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Legal Name: Like she cares what the humans call her.
Deed Names: Wasp (Cliath), Red Rain (Fostern)
Tribe: Red Talons
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Theurge
Pack: Pathwalkers
Sept: Boar's Chosen
Known History: While nominally in a Pack and a member of a Sept, Red Rain is very much a Pathwalker - she roams the East Coast of the US as she will.


Rank: Fostern

  • Honor: 0
  • Glory: 1
  • Wisdom: 5

Rites Known

  • Rite of Contortion
  • Rite of Cleansing
  • Warding the Lingering Human


Lupus: It is rare to find Red Rain in any other form - she would rather be assumed to be a dog than go on two legs. She has a lighter build than many werewolves, and her pelt is gray mix with a lot of red in it, with a patch of red at her chest, and sharp claws. (Pure Breed x 3)

Homid: When obliged (read: when Pari obliges her), Red Rain appears as a proud if dirty young woman in black slacks and a dark red shirt which wouldn't look out of place most anywhere...if they were clean. She stares too long, relies too much on body language rather than spoken language to convey her thoughts, and never seems entirely sure what to do with her hands or her face.


  • Alpha: Keeper of Scion - Pari-rhya is a strong alpha, and as long as she remains so, and as long as she does not allow the sept's needs to distract her from this pack's purpose, I will listen.
  • Beta: Omengazer - He is ambitious, but he values the balance of wolf and man, wolf and wolf, and wolf and other-kin more than power for his own sake. In this he shows himself much wiser than many two-legs.
  • Truthseeker - Let me take him into the woods and seek him out a proper mate. All this man-pain is poison as sure as- ...Why do you laugh? Man-pain is a serious problem. It distracts the mind and blunts the fangs.
  • Wisdom of Vanir
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Dances the Umbra
  • Spirals of White
  • Six-Pounds-Sterling


  • Ella Ashcoat - "I always like to see Ella. It's good to have someone to talk to who makes sense."
  • Viking Cub - Viking Cub may only set fires for the joy of it, but a forest needs to burn for growth to come. I think she is a Cliath now. I look forward to hearing tales of her rite of passage.
  • Uri Jackson - A Stargazer I did not know and I pleased the spirits by playing a stick-stacking game for human children, so that they would help the Nation in our fight against Terminus. I'm glad that Uri Jackson-rhya is a Stargazer or that would have seemed exceedingly strange.
  • Hawt Garbage - For what he is, he is alright. He would be better if he didn't spray himself with stinking human chemicals.

Meat to be Wasted




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  • "The wolf does not care what the man fears."
  • "What. Do. You. Want." - Every single time someone she doesn't know comes up to her, ever.
  • "I went human-hunting." *holds up a bag of fried chicken. "They gave me the macandcheese. I do not eat the macandcheese. Do you want it?"


  • "That a child of Griffin would honor us by being in our pack is a mark of character. That she manages to do so without making me feel like a moron is astounding. It might be because let her set fire to Atlanta." - Keeper of Scion
  • "Your quote." - Name



The "Oh great Tia's here" face

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  • Red Rain earned her name by killing a hunter when she was barely more than a pup. She lept up and bit out his throat and his blood rained down around her.
  • She just hates being in human form because she can't get the hang of being that tall and is embarrassed about bumping into things all the time.
  • She has threatened to eat Tia's "puppies" on more than one occasion.
  • She thinks cheese and anything else having to do with "stolen milk" is gross.
    • It's just because she's lactose intolerant and bitter about it.
  • Gets along better with Fera than with many werewolves, especially homids.
  • She's really good at Jenga.



  • Moonshade and Rahnee the She-Wolf, Elfquest
  • Seven of Nine, ST:V-ger



Player: Abby E.
Contact: [mailto: email]
VST: [mailto: VST]

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