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Character Information
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City: Phoenix
Player: Michael McGough
Storyteller: Iria Sokoll

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Real Name: Carl Knox

Deed Name: Relay

Pack: Dead Men Walking


Age: 43

Backstory and Personality

Carl "Relay" Knox is a 43 year old man who stands 6' and looks rather plain. His strawberry blond hair is closely cropped and he is slightly balding. He has dark blue eyes and wears spectacles; also always clean shaven. He works as head IT project Manager and developer for Go Daddy, LLC at the server farm in downtown Phoenix. His typical dress is a polo shirt, jeans, and work boots.

He hails from the remnants of of a pack that was nearly destroyed during the Brethren Wars. He and Stephan "Tank" Ramsay have been packmates for a very, very long time. Carl was Beta of that pack and is Irraka Iron Master, earning the name "Relay" for his penchant at gathering information.

Relay has a family that lives in the valley which are wolf blooded. His brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces, and nephews often come by the huge house for Holidays and special occasions. They all accept Tank as part of the family, though is isn't mentioned if Relay has ever been married or what his sexual preference is. His focus seems to be his Pack and the constant stream of information pulsing through the Valley of the Sun.


  • Half of the Uratha in the city hate him.
  • The other half of the city does not trust him.
  • He can hack his way into anything.
  • If it is important, he knows about it.


  • "If you don't want people to know about it...don't put it online...hell don't express it at all. He'll find out." Axle
  • "Out of everyone I have had to endure the past 13 years, Relay has been one of a few that have tried my patients on a regular basis. Without those trials however, I would have a lot less control as an Uratha and I might not be here today." Sierra Wynters
  • "He's my brother. He was my beta. And somewhere in there something clashed and snapped. I don't know what to do." - Tank

OOC information

Player Name: Michael McGough

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Other Info: