Remy Gagnon

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Decker
Storyteller: Paula W.


Remy Gagnon

Remy regularly dresses in normal Brujah fashion, often with urban BDU pants and a black biker jacket with a white Croix de Lorraine painted on the back



  • Acknowledged in the Courts:


  • None



  • Remy once was on the brink of wassail until he was pulled back.
  • Remy has actually been exiled from France.
  • Forget France....He's been exlied from all of AFRICA as well!!
  • Add yours here!


  • "I am going to keep hoping the day he actually throws a chair it isn't at me" - Nova
  • "I think I understand him, he reminds me of my own family, I don't quite know why though." - Fidelity
  • "Remy knows where his area of expertise begins and ends. This recognition will no doubt lead to further success within the Ivory Tower." - Edward Porter
  • "Remy has the traits needed to question the status quo, kick ass when needed, and have the wherewithal to know how to temper that passion we all have. He is fine Brujah, one that I'm glad to see in San Antonio." - Zack Snyder
  • "He must be in one of those biker gangs. You see them all the time in the streets. Though, he better not start getting rowdy. He will get a time out." - Mabel Ruby
  • "This scholar is wise. He knows when to avoid his less civilized clanmates when they are spouting heretical nonsense." - Hadrian Ieincer
  • "Flame burns deep in Remy. Time will only give him the chance to hone and refine it into a more elegant weapon. I will be watching." - Darjius Anakletos
  • "Like having him around, have large dogs, like them to, he fit in San Antonio very well, be much help." - Tony D
  • "Brutal in both battle and banter, truly an impressive combination." – Marie Blackwell
  • "A man of principles and the wherewithal to back them. I appreciate that." - Hobbes
  • "Sometimes I forget Mister Gagnon is not of my Clan, but the conversations we have are fantastic regardless." - Wohl
  • "Remy drinks like a Russian and fights like a Gangrel, the fates have cheated my clan by allowing him to be embraced by the Brujah." - Drayov
  • "He claims I have a terrible habit of trying to instigate things. Who doesn't like to watch beautiful creatures, naked and bloodied, attempting to best one another?" – Jayne Joyce
  • "Countless times I have seen Remy offer patience and compassion to those who had come to expect neither. They had nothing to give in return, but in their place, I offer my respect." - Claire
  • (French)"Liberté, égalité, fraternité. These are the words I have lived my life by since she first found me, I have never met a man who embodies those words more perfectly than this young man. He walks through fire and flame and waves a flag of passion and idealism, Do NOT ever think he is alone, where he goes, The true children of France watch and go with." - Guillaume
  • "Always he is a gentleman to me."Philippa Brery
  • "I am his friENd. He is kind and patient with those uNDer the TOWER's proTection even whEN it pains him so, so to do so, and he is eager to bring punishment to the enemies of thE TowEr it is good to punish enemies of the TOWER. I am his FRienD."Your Friend
  • "Your Quote Here."You

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Allies, Enemies, & Associates

Character Inspirations


  • - Sagara Sanosuke - Rurouni Kenshin
  • - Saitō Hajime - Rurouni Kenshin
  • - Yūkyūzan Anji - Rurouni Kenshin
  • - Richard B. Riddick - Pitch Black


OOC Information

Player: John "Decker" Pool US2002022527
Location: Austin, TX