Renown Beads

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Renown Bead Colors:

Glory - Red

Purity - White

Honor - Dark Blue/Purple

Wisdom - Green

Cunning – Yellow/Tan

In addition to these five colors, you will need Black for Ghost Wolves and metallic Gold for Spirit rank.

The order of the beads on your renown string is also important: The following is the suggested order:

Auspice, Tribe, Honorary Spirit rank, and finally the beads for each renown (in rough descending order).

First Bead – Auspice

Every Forsaken character has an auspice. Each auspice has a primary renown trait. Therefore, the corresponding color can be used to show the Auspice.

  • Rahu Full Moon – Purity – White
  • Elodoth Half Moon – Honor – Dark Blue/Purple
  • Ithaeur Crescent Moon – Wisdom – Green
  • Irraka New Moon – Cunning – Yellow/Tan

Second Bead – Tribe

There are five tribes and one non-tribe. Each tribe has a corresponding renown trait, so the same color can be used to denote tribe.

Third Bead – Honorary Spirit Rank

Honorary Spirit Rank is marked by gold beads. The chart on page 272 converts a Forsaken's total renown into their honorary spirit rank. Note that honorary spirit rank is NOT the same as the Forsaken rank (or the old Garou rank).

Fourth – Renown beads of the corresponding color

The character's primary renown categories should be first. For example, a Bone Shadow New Moon with 3 Cunning , 2 Wisdom and 1 Honor would have 3 yellow/tan beads, followed by 2 green and one purple. The remaining renown colors are listed in no particular order.

This system allows players to tell at a glance to how many renown the character has earned in their primary categories, as well as their total renown. (The tribe and auspice beads are used to designate the primary renown categories).

Storytellers can tell a glance how spirits will react to a given character, based on their honorary spirit rank. Players may also chose different shapes or sizes for the auspice and tribe beads (such as a moon shape for auspice), but this is not required.

Fifth - Renown for the Pure

Suggested by Guillaume Parent-Ruest, ANST Forsaken Canada

Pure has no Auspice and should use a black bead as the first one to represent this. The second bead is used with the same pattern as the Forsaken characters, with the appropriate Renown for each Tribe.

For the honorary spirit rank, use copper beads. Remember that Purity is always a Primary Renown for the Pure so they should always be close to the Tribe Primary Renown beads.