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Player: Lissa Oliver
Character: Reset(Tsura)
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Larcenist
Court: Dead
Freehold: Freehold of the Phoenix Guard
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
VST: Anthony

Character Information

Name: Reset(Tsura)

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Larcenist

Court: Dead Court

Title or Position: Deathbed Confessor(Dead Court Knowledge Only)




Mantle: [Winter 3]

Notable Traits

  • Striking Looks 2
  • Is always changing her hair. Often wears wigs, extensions, temporary dyes, etc.

Commonly Known

  • She works at Token's(Token's Bar and Arcade) and Simon's bar.
  • Reset can retrieve or deliver just about any object...for a price.
  • Cat and Reset are dating.


  • People have a tendency to disappear around her.
  • Has a purse fetish and often steals them.
  • Is married to an unknown man.
  • Token is her husband.


  • "Perhaps you should take a minute to consider my name? After, you might not be so inclined to be informal with me."
  • "She is a lovely girl - quiet, demure and razor of tongue. Pity the moron who doesn't understand simplicity." - Jacob the Liar
  • "If you piss her off, don't eat the bread." - Token
  • "I wouldn't try it, ass. She's meaner than I am. I'm just vocal about it." - Springheeled Jack
  • "Pretty sure she hates all of Trollgate. But Jacob hired her, and she's good at her job." Belladonna

Associations, Family, & Enemies

Springheeled Jack- The devil whispering over my left shoulder and the crazy brother who will murder you in your sleep for touching me.

Token- Three, two, one...BOOM!

Simonn Jensen- My eyes are up here.

Biancabella- My current monarch.

Sabrina Von Noir-I admire her patience.

Michael Tripp- So quiet and so shy. Adorable really.

OOC Information

Player: Lissa Oliver

MES #: US2012110030

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Player Email: