Rex'The Beast'McClellan

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Character Information
Clan: Pander
Sect: Sabbat
City: Albuquerque, NM
Player: Joseph Thibodaux
Storyteller: Paul Mysliwiec


  • Natasha Groen [NPC]
  • Natasha was killed during a raid on the Camarilla by Rex for disloyalty, during this, his first Crusade, Rex and his priest were the only ones to survive. Rex commited diablerie on his sire as an act of final punishment for her treachery in giving information about the raid to the Camarilla.

Notable Traits:

  • Rex wears street clothing, fond of hooded jackets, jeans, and PF Flyers. He is can be seen morphing his body with the vicissitude that he is known to posses usually modifying parts of his flesh for short periods of time. His modifications lack any finesse or artistic talent, his modifications have been known to produce adverse effects for Toreador Antitribu who see them.
  • It is known that his packs during the crusades are prone to doing jobs that noone else is capable of, he tends to take the young and teach them and hone them into a fierce fighting machine. He has escaped death numerous times his packs, not so much.


  • Pack Ductus


  • The Dirty V –“Nobody Fucks the Dirty V!”

Information Known by Cainite Society

Name: Rex “The Beast” McClellan

Clan: Pander

Generation: Unknown

Path: Path of Caine

Faction: Unknown


None Known currently.

Known Childer

None Known Currently

Known Grand-childer

None Known Currently


1960: Embraced in Savannah, Ga by Natasha Groen in preparation of a new Crusade in the south.

1961: Killed his Sire for her involvement in an ambush prepared for the raid, he and his pack priest were the only survivors after the raid.

1981: Entered in to the South States Crusades, his pack the Red Deamons wwere used as the first line of the Crusades, striking a blow and destroying 2 elders of the Ivory Tower they were nearly destroyed. Rex and his priest managed to escape destruction.

2009 to 2010: Entered into the Crusades for the South West, was instrumental in taking Albuquerque New Mexico for the Sabbat, his pack was nearly destroyed, he and his priest were the only survivors of the crusades.

2013: Currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico as one of the few packs holding the line against the new incursions of the Ivory Tower.


  • Works as a Camarilla infiltrator and does his part in destroying the Sabbat by taking packs to thier death.
  • Is a Tzimisce who has refused his heritage and hunted by old world clanmates for acts of diablerie

OOC Information

Player: Joseph Thibodaux

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico