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Name: Rhys
Type: Mage, Acanthus
Faction: Mysterium
Location: New York, NY
Cell: Rattle Watch
Status: 4
Title: Curator
Division: AIS Level 2

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Rattle Watch Cell




A man often in black, with pentacle pendant, rings and a few odds and ends that may either be mystical (though how mystical is an iPod and crayola markers?). Often in a black jacket with a hood and worn sneakers.


To many who see him at first, Rhys is a flake, prone to disappearing for hours, days and even months at a time. The fact that he's known to dabble in psychedelic rituals doesn't help the matter.

He's sociable, personable, but also has a pretty mighty "fuck you" attitude at times, especially when riled. This tends to come out as being territorial and provincial at times.

To those who know him, he is a man who balances that often esoteric mentality of the Awakened with the practicality of a native New Yorker.

Known to the Accord

  • claims to be able to speak to the City of New York and receive answers
  • Cell Status 4 (Rattle Watch Curator)
  • Rhys sleeps in a three story building he calls Lia Faille, which is one part home, one part studio, one part whatever the hell he decides to do with the other rooms. Cell members and friends have been known to crash there on rough nights.

Known to the Public

  • Moonlights as a DJ, playing everything from dance to rock, to disco to goth. Does not believe in Country or Western music.
  • Runs an Urban Occult blog called Hex in the City, discussing on Paganism in an Urban Environment. From tools of the trade to general meanderings and subcultures and rituals. His work is mostly detached from his Awakened or Cell life.



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Recent Events

Rhys has been a part of Rattle Watch since the early 2000's, and Awakened a year or so before that. His presence is sporadic, disappearing for weeks to months on end on end. But he often returns as he is needed.

Lately he's come back and has been handling the situation with the refugees from Redemption, letting fellow Awakened Axlotl stay at his place

Led the ritualist team in Operation: Old Peculiar to success.

Operation: Old Peculiar OperationSkeletonKey.png



  • Rhys doesn't speak of his family, and the little he mentions denotes that they are dead.


Rattle Watch

  • F1R3W@LL - Boss-Bot, we both appreciate the value of Thumbs
  • PSIMONIC - He's the younger brother I never really asked for. Has done and been through so much
  • Gaff Hook - Gaff and I have a friendship built on knowing who is the Boss in what situation. Hisil's all yours, chief!
  • Michael Kennedy - Good Man, smart man, sometimes though he needs to put down the pop psych 101 books.
  • Sethos - Proof that Humanity exists after death.
  • Naveed Weiss - Not sure how good a wolf she is, but she'd have made a good Mage.
  • Ingrid Madrazo - She walks in and suddenly the competency factor goes up.

Friends and Loved Ones

  • Twice-Spun - We both lost and found so much in Litchfield.
  • Dani - Why do I get the feeling I got a sister by osmosis? Why is the Arcadian Mage suddenly besties with a shitton of 'Lings?
  • Renata 'Red' Mudra - She's not Rattle Watch any more, but she's still the best hoodie bird a Mage could ask for.


  • Feris Septimi - One of these days, you're going to Tempt someone to do something you'll have only seconds to regret


  • Father Gabriel - I'm not entirely sure how this will play out, but I kinda trust you to shoot me in the chest.
  • Marianne Bennett - I don't know if you can call us FRIENDS, but we're definitely united on several key things.
  • Steven Bradley - Good man with a good head on his shoulders. Hopefully he didn't inherit too much from his parents.
  • Cora Kirkwood - She'll charm the pants right off ya. Or so I've heard.
  • Kyle Everett - Drink!!

On the Fence

  • Harvey Rendell - You seem alright, you seem like you'll do right by the Cell, but you're a fucking sociopath.
  • Pash Halaby - She's said six words to me, and four of them were flippant. Time will tell if we can actually be Mammals to each other.
  • Jack Cooper - You're great at your job. You're the guy. NOW. SHUT. UP.
  • Lillian Cross - For a Non-Acanthus, she's an amazing prophet...but there's a level of control you have to give up to master it, and I don't think she can go the distance there.

Those Lost

  • John Harkin - God damn you for making me clean up your mess.
  • Q - The Predator of all Mages is not Vampires, or Keepers, or Creatures from the Outer Realms. The Greatest Predator of the Awakened is Hubris. It comes with the territory when someone can use the fabric of reality like some people can paint. You start to think yourself as something other than Human, something Better. Q didn't kill himself, he died of Hubris.



  • Don't drink any tea he offers you
  • When he disappears, he doesn't really go and do anything but walk...all the time...speaking to something that no one else can notice.
  • Doesn't use Vulgar magic much...not because he can't...because he doesn't like to.
  • Doesn't actually like Mages much.
  • Is literally married to New York City.
  • Has a "thing" with Twice-Spun.


By Him

  • "I'll Ask."/"I Asked." - His usual response to requests or questions
  • "Vampire, Mage, Hunter, Changeling, Demon, whatever...we're all part of New York City...whether I like it or not."
  • "Someone has altered our perception of Time, Space, and Memory. They've literally unpersoned people without any sort of preamble or warning...right, now I'm pissed." - About the Redemption, Texas incident.
  • "The City" - Whenever anyone asks what his Division/Branch/Cabal/Whatever subfaction is.
  • "Don't tell anyone else this, but I think it's all Magic."
  • "Now, as this is an Irish Funeral, I suggest we end this properly...I'm going to get shithammered and pray." - At Harkin's Funeral.
  • "No, some of us have a damn good idea of how vast this War is!"
  • "We come bearing gifts of Alcohol, Coffee and Snark. Let us in, the first two are on limited supply and may go fast."

About Him

  • Add your own!
  • "Sure, he can be a little intense. But he's literally the confidant of NYC. All of it. The good, the gentrified, the hipster. You'd be pretty intense too." - Michael Kennedy
  • "Rhys, a mage did a thing again. Don't worry, I brought a bottle of scotch to get you through it. And one for me because trust me, you are going to want the full bottle for this one." - F1R3W@LL
  • "A man of deep passion and commitment. I feel a little better about this war having met him." Kyle Everett
  • "I dub thee "Mage of Thumbs" go forth and herd your brethren." - Simon
  • "I never thought I would feel this way for a Mage..." Twice-Spun
  • "While I haven't known him long, I've seen him best days and his worst. He's stronger than he appears, and I'm happy to know him." - Sethos
  • "Well. Maybe John Harkin left me *one* good thing, even if he didn't intend for it to be Rhys." - Marianne Bennett
  • "Never thought the old timers of the Rattle Watch would end up being a mage and a werewolf, there's something wrong with this picture" - Gaff Hook
  • "No, but really, though - Rhys is my fucking spirit animal." - Dr. Steven Bradley
  • "I like him. Not that that means I'm going to stop teasing him." - Dani
  • "There are two competent mages in the Accord. Both of them are Rhys." - Ingrid
  • "Oh my god. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know competent mages with thumbs. Rhys has thumbs. They are amazing thumbs. Why don't more mages have thumbs? Rhys? Can we like, fix that? Please?" - Red
  • "Welcome to the family." - Dani



  • The entire discography of Velvet Underground, Muse and Disparition
  • Probably Me- Sting (Rhys' relationship with the City...or vice versa)
  • Matthew Swift, the Madness of Angels. Urban Mage with other realms on the brain.
  • City Magick, by Christopher Penczak

Ties Sought

  • Fellow mages
  • teachers/students
  • Past DJ Gigs
  • Past Cities Spoken To
  • Occult Ties


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