Ricardo Delgado

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Character Information
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Storm Lords
Renown: ••••• ••••• •••• •••
Cunning: •••
Glory: ••••
Honor: •••••
Purity •••
Wisdom •••
City: Eagle Pass, TX, United States of America & Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico
Pack: None Yet
Player: Troll Sandoval
Storyteller: San Antonio DST

Name: Ricardo Delgado
Auspice: Cahalith, Fiuremekir (Speakers Aspect)
Tribe: Storm Lords
Lodge: Lodge of the Shadow Throne
Position: Protectorate Alpha for Eagle Pass & Piedras Negras
Age: ~40 (64)
Consulate: Lunar Consulate
Notable Merits: Old Blood 3, Status (Eagle Pass City Council) 4

Backstory and Personality


OOC information

Player Name: Troll Sandoval, US2002034819

Location: San Antonio, TX

Other Info:

Looking for Ties:

  • Lodge of Shadow Throne
  • The Lunar Consulate - Any kind of contacts here
  • Any contacts in Texas or Mexico along the Texas-Mexican Border
    • More specifically, Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras area
  • South Central Regional Council member contacts
  • Storm Lord Contacts
  • Former Pack Members from the Eagle Pass-Piedras Negras area