Rick the Gangrel

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Mike Ervin E-Mail Here!
Character: Ric the Gangrel
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Status: 3
Domain: Mt. Pleasant, MI
VST: Jayson Turner

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Character Information

Name: Ric the Gangrel

Clan: Gangrel

Status: 3

Notable Traits:

Title or Position: Gangrel Primogen of Mt. Pleasant



  • He's a pimp.
  • Works very closely with the Sheriff, some say it may be more than just a professional relationship...
  • Add your rumors here."


  • "Fuck The Sabbat!" - while staking an enemy Lasombra
  • "Of course Rick was my date for Nashville. One does not bring a sword to a gun fight." - Veronica Devries
  • "i mean, as far as battlecries go it ain't very original, but, like its a classic 4 a reason? Plus there's one less Lasombra shovel'ead in the world so... Result!" - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "We fought well together in Bloomington. Here's to hoping we drink better and he gambles worse in future encounters." - Goodman Goring
  • "Twice, I called for soldiers, and twice he appeared at my side. I am thankful for the battles which crossed our paths." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Where did all this cocaine come from?" - Catherine Pershing
  • "We run in very different circles, but oddly I found him one of the easier ones to relate to when I lived in the Imperium." - Spencer

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Player: Mike Ervin
Storyteller: Jayson Turner

Player: Mike Ervin

MES Number: US2004011002

Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI