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Information Known by Kindred Society

Current Name: Riley Grimm, The Beast of Macon
Known Aliases: The Grim, The Witch
Clan: Formerly thought to be Gangrel. Now openly Catiff
Coteries/Societies: Sanguine Barghest

Riley Grimm.
Riley Grimm.




Sire: Aaron Wooten claimed to be her Sire. Now known to be the Catiff of a Brujah
Childer: Aiden {Adopted Childer}
Broodmates:{Adopted} Genosha, {Adopted} Sam Grimm

Known Allies

Aaron Wooten {DECEASED}
Bartholomew Chevalier
Bjorn Lokken
Jared Dixler {DECEASED}
Xavier Grandmaison
Torquil Moireasdan

Known History

All are welcome to know this information.

  • ??? Exact birth and Embrace dates are unknown.
  • 1772 Presented by Aaron Wooten to a Prince of the Camarilla.
  • 1860 Riley takes a Voodoo priest named Thomas Freeman as a ghoul.
  • 1865-1900 Riley can be found working as a 'Bounty Hunter' through out the western United States and up into Canada.
  • 1967 Riley can be found raising a human child named 'Tad'. The grandson of her ghoul Thomas.
  • 1983 Thomas is killed during a Sabbat hunt. Without Aaron awake to keep her controlled Riley quickly starts to loose humanity and become increasingly volatile.
  • 1985 Riley is declared Notorious by a Ventrue Elder when she kills his favorite ghoul in court. Immediately after she leaves the United States and travels down into Mexico. She cuts off all communication with the Camarilla.
  • 2015 Riley re-enters the United States and instantly starts seeking the members of her Coterie. Resumes actively moving about the United States but seems to be mostly in the south.
  • May 2016 Enters the area of Macon, Georgia and proclaims a Domain and claims Praxis of it in the name of the Camarilla.
  • March 2017 after destroying/containing an old evil that was trying to enter the world through a rift Riley declared her mission and duty done. She left the Camarilla within the hour, denouncing the Tower as a failed concept that was destroying itself from within. Declared herself an Independent and openly admitted to being a Catiff, a noticeable number of the populace left the Tower along with her. Three factions now reside in Macon.

  • Riley has a reputation for not liking other Kindred, nor is she fond of humans despite being on the path of Humanity. The innocent and pure are the only beings in existence that she won't willingly harm. She is blunt, short tempered, and rarely in the mood to observe the requirements of 'polite' Kindred society. She and her coterie are mostly nomadic and will take mercenary work that comes their way if the job is decent and the pay is good. She never asks for payment if the job was saving an innocent.
  • Riley dresses in a biker or goth look at all times so that humans have something to explain away why they feel so uneasy around her.
  • ((For those that take the time to do a little research)) The massive black dog that Riley turns into is a breed of war-dog thought to have gone extinct somewhere around the 1690's and very little is known about the breed. Speculated that it is where the legends of 'The black dog' or 'The Grimm' come from.


Motto: "We do not Forgive. We do not Forget."

A Prayer Before Battle

We are the wild hunt and we suffer not the spawn of the Devil to feed upon the innocent.
We are the guardians in the night, charged with keeping the darkness at bay.
We are the hunters of the damned, sworn to purge evil from this world.
May the Gods have mercy on your black soul for we will not.
Peruenimus Tibi, Amen.


  • The Witch, Riley Grimm {Founding member}
  • The Bear, Aaron Wooten {Founding member} {DECEASED}
  • The Gunslinger, Abraham Singer {Founding member/NPC}
  • The Captain, Bartholomew Chevalier
  • The Shadow, Tarot of Clan Gangrel
  • The Whisper, Jared Dixler {DECEASED}
  • The Old Man, Bruce
  • The Blacksmith, Bjorn Lokken
  • The Wolf, Sam Grimm
  • The Little Brother, Everett Duclare {DECEASED}
  • The Pup, Aidan of Clan Gangrel


  • She knows a LOT about the Occult.
  • The dead speak and she listens.
  • She is the death omen of legend.
  • The Sanguine Barghest was formed to give Riley a purpose. Without it she is mindless killing machine.


  • "Fuck all of you. I'm gonna go play 'Hide-and-go-suck' with the Sabbat." -Riley, as she flipped the bird to the Camarilla and headed to Mexico.-
  • "At the beginning of the evening she was telling a ghoul he was soon to be her supper, at the end of the night she was claiming praxis, both with the same calm demeanor. She's feral, dangerous, and a predator. She is also genuine, and reasonable with my lot. Here's to hoping this works out." Rob Marks
  • "She understands respect is earned, not given just because someone wants it. If you think it is any other way then you are part of the problem." - Uror
  • "Prince.., Uploading Relevant Information.., A position of high power within the Camarilla.., Proper addressing and courtesy protocols uploaded.., You are Majesty.., How can I serve you today?" -Glitch
  • "She is awesome, so long as you don't speak gibberish. If you do? Oh, fuck." Belle Standish
  • "Oh my Gawd. She looks just like ah Prince named Grimm ought to." - Dottie Jo
  • (To the tune of Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones)

"I met a pissed-off, Gangrel Queen in Macon,
She scared me so I tried to run and hide,
I saw her rip the heart from a Sabbat punk,
She beat him down and chuckled as he died.

Its a mo-oh-oh-oh-narch named Riley.
Give her, give her, give her, the honor she's due.

Later was a scene when she took Praxis,
No challenger was dumb enough to fight.
I watched her warn a Ventrue from Columbus,
I tell you childe, stay on her good side!

Don't you, don't you, don't you, mess with Prince Riley!
Do so, and I promise, you're gonna be through." Anonymous.

Sound Track

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Macon, GA
Player: Pherell A.
Storyteller: [ Daniel D.]
Member Information
Player: Pherell M. Archer
Member Number: US2014070056
Nation: US
Region: SE
Domain: GA-016-D
Coordinator: Pherell M. Archer