Rinadlo De Medici

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Name: Rinadlo Amadeo De Medici


Clan: Toreador

Generation: 9th


  • 4-Great Grand Sire: Arikel (aka Toreador)
  • 3-Great Grand Sire: Helena
  • 2-Great Grand Sire: Francois Villon
  • Great Grand Sire: Renee Villon
  • Grand Sire: Aloyshius De Medici
  • Sire: Corrina Patella 'de Medici



  • Acknowledged
  • Established
  • Revered
  • Scholarly
  • Cherished

Positions Held

Notable Traits:

  • Eat Food
  • Blush of Health
  • Wears Make Up and Nail Polish
  • Wears a wedding ring

Nationality: Italian

Style and Personality: Dandy

  • Rinadlo is a stickler for Etiquette, Grace and Style in all things
  • Rinadlo is the Founder and Grand Master of The Guild of the Silver Flame
  • Rinadlo hold the ear and friendship of many Princes around the country

Appearance: Appears to be a man in his early thirties. Always impeccably dressed with silk, satin and and the occasional leather pants, he is in all ways a proper gentleman... of the 18th Century. He prefers to wear boots, usually with heels. He can always be found with light make up on his face and his fingernails painted. Every hair, every crease, everything about him is perfect at all times. His very effeminate style leads most to believe he is gay, but he is so much more than that.


Known Associates


Rinadlo Amadeo de Medici was born in 1713 in Florence, the oldest son of Anna Maria Luisa de Medici, the Grand Duchess of Florence. His life was one of wealth, high society and luxury. Raised to be the heir of the line, he was taught the history of his family, his people and his city. He was schooled in the arts, music, politics, etiquette and music. As he aged, he was placed in positions of power within the family and government according to his station.

Though his House’s power was in decline, he was convinced that he could bring the family back to the days of glory he had heard about all of his life. As his power grew, Rinadlo gained the attention of a Kindred, Corrina Patella 'de Medici. Embraced in 1742, it was expected that he would guide the family from behind the scenes. Three months after his embrace, his younger brother Raphael died of a mysterious illness and with Corrina sheltering Rinadlo away from mortal society as he learned the ways of the Kindred, his mother, in grief thinking she had lost both of her sons, gave away the Grand Ducal to the Tuscan state, forgoing all claim to property, title and family wealth. Rinadlo could not break the Masquerade and claim his family fortune, so instead, once released from his sire, he traveled the world, enveloping himself in the art, style and politics favorable at that time. Paris during the French Revolution, London during the Industrial Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Spain, Rome and many other countries. In the 1800s he moved to the United States, seeing a new opportunity there, settling in Philadelphia until the Sabbat took the city.

He soon realized that the Kindred of the New World had different ideals and shook off the old ways of Style and Grace and Etiquette. It was then that he decided to assure those ideals would not be lost to the Kindred of the New World. Again he traveled. New York, Boston, Washington DC. Anywhere there was a style, music, artistic or political change, he was there. Watching, guiding the best he could for the interests of the Camarilla. As time passed he continued to travel as the country grew and new places became all the rage.

In 1856, while in California for the Gold Rush, he heard stories of a Cowboy that no one wished to challenge. Raw, dangerous and one hell of a gunslinger, Rinadlo sought out this man, only to find it was a woman. Jamie Walker was a better shot and better in a fight than men twice her age. Rinadlo saw possibilities and ghouled her, using her as a protector in his travels. After an ill fated night in 1920 Chicago, Jamie saved his unlife and he embraced her. She has become a fine child and makes him very proud.

In 1924, while visiting Austin, TX, he became acquainted with a Tremere named Shakti Gupta. Over the years the two of them struck an unusual bond based in a quest for knowledge from the other. Unlike most Tremere, she seemed even more reserved, but returned to him again and again for the things he could teach her. It was through Shakti that Rinadlo met both Mr. Dion Mendragon, another Tremere elder and through the friendship of the two, he was able to meet the Prince of Austin, Rose Xavier. This was the first opportunity he had to put his plan of forming a Guild based on teaching and upholding the social etiquette and graces of Elysium to use. Assisting in the enforcement of such ideals in the Austin court. Something that would later grow in his mind and deeds.

In the year 2000 he found himself in Los Angeles. This time it was a modern and technical movement. Fashion, music, movies were all on the rise and LA was the place to be. In 2002 he found a young woman named Serena Moore, that was a wiz with computers, an LA party girl. Becoming bored with the normal Kindred life, he decided to ghoul the girl, use her expertise in computers to his advantage AND to train her to be a proper lady. He knew she was a burglar and thief on the side, but that did not bother him, all children needed their play time.

In April of 2003 Zoe disappeared and even with the bond, he could not find her. The bond had somehow been broken. It took a while, but Rinaldo was able to discover that Serena, now going by Zoe, had been poached from him by a family of Tremere. Now the child of Percival Berkshire, the Prince of Cleveland, Rinadlo had to be very careful. He brokered a deal to free Zoe, forgive the past slight and forge a deal for Rinadlo to have a Guild Hall in Cleveland. What none could know at the time was, when they had been together before, Serena had fallen in love with Rinadlo and Rinadlo with Serena. It had been his intention to wait until she had enjoyed a bit more of the mortal life before embracing her, but that plan had been ruined by the Tremere that stole her. Still, they were together again, still in love and in a bold move to never be pulled apart again, got married.

Moving the Guild of the Silver Flame Headquarters in Atlantic City, he created a permanent base for his Guild. Now he had one place for all members of his Guild to find the training, assistance and guidance they need to teach others. In the years that followed he assisted with resources and influences, even calling in a few favors, to help the Camarilla take back Philadelphia from the Sabbat. Now he is settled back in Atlantic City, having served as Keeper of Elysium for over 10 years, he has now moved laterally and politiced to be named the Harpy of Atlantic City. He plans to continue to grow his guild and to show each and every member of the city, Neonate, Ancilla and Elder alike, just what he can do.


  • "It is not what others know or suspect about you. It is what they see and can prove. Show them your best and you will never fear." - Rinadlo
  • "I AM a lady... I wear a dress just as good as you do!" - Jaime Walker DeMedici
  • "And for the record. You could NEVER tell me I look fabulous enough." - Rinadlo
  • "Do I have to use the word fabulous?" - Shakti Gupta
  • "Just like old times Captain Tightpants! Criticizing me over my clothing. Some things will never change." - Zoe De Medici
  • "He is decidedly among the 'Young Turks' of Clan Toreador. Although focused on underscoring grand traditions of the past, this usual juxtaposition is one I observe with great interest." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "What can I say about the man who holds my world in his hands? There are no words. There is only the dance." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "Yes, Rinadlo is my husband. Do you have a problem with that?" - Zoe De Medici
  • "I have heard many words used to describe Guild Maester Rinadlo De Medici.. polished, graceful, foppish, patient, educated, savvy, predatory.. but do those descriptions truly reveal who he is to the world or do they hide him from it? I hope one day, to know for sure.. and then.. for the right price, I might sell you that information." - Rags


  • Though he tries to show this air of style and grace, in private he is a monster.
  • He has run off to Italy with a tart leaving his Wife


Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlantic City, NJ
Player: Michael Smyrski
Storyteller: Rachel Sanks

Player: Michael Smyrski

Location: Atlantic City

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