Roger Murkwit

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Retired / Deceased

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Old stuff

This page is related to a character either dead, retired or no longer in play. The information is outdated or no longer in use.

Character Information
Sect: Sabbat •••
Statuses: Initiated, Feared, Enlightened
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Josh Ritz
Storyteller: Phil Riviezzo

Character Information

Name: Roger Murkwit

Status: 3

Notable Traits: Stripy clothing

Title or Positon: Ductus of Dark Duality

"I heard he was shovelheaded in a crusade by a lasombra down south who didn't think he was up to snuff. He left to start anew."

OOC Information

The one and only

Player: Josh Ritz

MES Number: US2011118201

Location: Philadelphia, PA