Roland Allain Cuthbert III

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"Whenever you draw your weapon you should consider not what you are killing, but what you are allowing to live."

Clan: Brujah Antitribu

Faction: Orthodox

Path: Caine

Pack: n/a


All leaders are accomplished, but few have Allain's reputation for insight, patience and experience. Some are stagnant navel-gazers, holding onto power through custom or ritual alone, or vibrant politicians speaking at Esbat with a sermonizer’s verve and a mayor’s smile, as though rulership were the house in which they were raised. Not Allain. Allain is a philosopher-king, appearing worn and weary, slumped in his seat as though exhausted from a remarkable unlife that lead him, reluctantly, to a position of leadership in the sect, yet wielding that authority that is vested in him with well reasoned argument, informed strategy, and ferocious grace. While he could get by with strong oratory he has a broader talent for negotiation, barter, and mediation, and often gets what he wants with words. He obtained temporal power in Sacramento through his mastery of political tactics and strategy, seeing through opposing plots, recognizing opportunities, and knowing who is in bed with whom. He tends toward old-fashioned wardrobes to augment his political strength with symbolic power and is something of a figurehead among the local Sabbat, even among those not in his pack. In addition to being a strong political leader, he is well versed in matters of history, theology, philosophy, and language. Once the Bishop of War and proud Ductus of the Ancient Lawgivers he was betrayed by the Highway Hangman and Knight Inquisitor Matthias who accused him of trafficking with the Infernal. Although it turned out to be a lie perpetuated by the enemy, his kinship with the Assamites and his pack's adherence to certain precepts of the Path of Blood was of great interest to the Inquistor. He was formally Accused of Heresy, and taken into custody by the Inquisition. As a result, the Ancient Lawgivers were disbanded.

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