Rolf Adler

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Character Information
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Iron Masters
Renown: ••••• ••••• •••• ••••
Cunning: ••••
Glory: •••••
Honor: •••••
Purity •••
Wisdom ••
City: Tombstone, Arizona
Pack: Grim's Reapers
Player: Kyle Broekers
Storyteller: Tombstone Forsaken VST

Real Name: Rolf Adler

Deed Name: He Who Smiths Legends

Pack: Grim's Reapers

Position: Alpha

Age: 52 (appears younger)

Backstory and Personality

  • Moved from Kerrville, Texas as a small child, as his family was fleeing the Pure who overran central Texas.
  • Became alpha of the Reapers at a young age, as a glory hound and combatant.
  • As he became older, he settled into a less straightforward and more thought-out style of leadership, especially after the birth of his children.
  • Eventually he found a young Cahalith who he believed could replace him, and trained her for several years. When he felt she was ready, he stepped down and she became the new alpha of Grim's Reapers.
  • Today, he acts mostly as a mentor and smith within the pack, although he is still said to be fearsome with a bow.
  • Finds peace in the crafting of weapons.
  • After the disappearance of the new alpha, Rolf is keeping the pack together.


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Quotes from Rolf

  • "Age don't beget wisdom in all of us, apparently."

Quotes about Rolf

  • "He listens, and lets me talk and doesn't call me names. I think I'll vote for him to be president". Chelsea Dianna Winters
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OOC information

Player Name: Kyle Broekers

Location: Seattle, WA

Other Info: This character is attached to the Tombstone, AZ online game (formerly San Antonio, TX).