Romeo De Cadiz

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Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Omaha, Ne
Player: Gabe Villagomez
Storyteller: VST Rusty Bukoski
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Sire: Alonso Gutierrez

Grandsire: Brisazardo

Great Grandsire: François Villon

Notable Traits: Neatly cut, short dark hair, piercing black eyes and olive complexion. He is always stylish in his attire and loves to compliment ladies on their attire.

Titles: None

Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Noble, Favored, Loyal, Loyal,


1821- Mortal Birth to the De Cadiz bloodline of Spanish Nobility.

1850- Began Serving Alonso Gutierrez as a ghoul.

1866- Embraced by Alonso Gutierrez.

1876- Released, he moved to Omaha,NE where he quickly allied with the Tremere.

1910- He began to serve as Seneschal in Omaha.

2014- He resigned as Seneschal and became Toreador Primogen of Omaha.


-Romeo is a whore, he pursues female Kindred for sport, leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake.

-The Tremere have taught him much Thaumaturgy, secretly.

-He secretly yearns for a kindred woman to truly fall in love with.

-He really likes bondage, and is looking for a submissive partner.