Rosaline Sandoza

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Rosaline Sandoza

Rosaline Sandoza
Archbishop of Kern County

a green circle with a silver border, containing a silver crown
Clan Lasombra
Sect Sabbat
Position Archbishop
Player Christina Eater
Domain CA-053-D
VST Christopher Smith


Clan Lasombra
Sect Sabbat
Generation 7th
Initiated as True Sabbat
Blessed as the Ductus of Gemul Miktash
Authority as Archbishop of Kern County
Glorious as Archbishop of Kern County
Ordained as Archbishop of Kern County
Political Faction: Orthodoxy


On first glance, Rosaline is an unassuming figure; she has a tendency to fade into the shadows when she's not actively engaging with the physical world and those in it. But when she chooses to be seen, she's difficult to miss or to forget. Obviously born to power and leadership, she issues commands infrequently but with absolute confidence that they will be obeyed, and her response to insubordination is swift and fierce.
A deeply religious Cainite, Rosaline believes fervently in the Dark Church and in Caine, and actively encourages those under her jurisdiction to interrogate their beliefs and choices, while gently shepherding those she sees as lacking spiritual guidance. She is also a loyal supporter of the Inquisition, and has no tolerance or mercy for those deemed to be heretical by its Judges.
For a Keeper, Rosaline has a surprisingly vivacious sense of personal style, and displays a fondness for rich colors and fabrics, as well as roses and the Spanish lace of her mortality. At formal occasions she is most often seen in vibrant shades of purple.

Known Associates

Nakir of Gemul Miktash
Dek of Gemul Miktash
Reverend Billy Ray of Gemul Miktash
Elijah of Team Magic
Skelepope of Team Magic

Quotes & Rumors

"As long as I hold it, Kern County will support the Inquisition." – Rosaline
Rosa finds politics boring and will gladly abdicate her position if presented with a successor she deems worthy.
Her sire must have done something horrible during Rosa's embrace, because Rosa secretly hates her.
Did you know, she wore red to a party just once, and that Inquisitor in her pack had her flayed for it?
"For the Regent, for the Ritae, for Caine." – Rosaline


Inspiration & References

Pinterest: Rosaline
So You Think You Can Dance S12: Haunted (Hailee & Robert)

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