Ruby Whitefox

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IC Info

Name: Ruby Whitefox
Fera: Nuwisha
Breed: Homid
Rank: Daughter (1)
City: Atlanta, GA

Notable Features

  • Natural Leader

From the Coyote's Mouth

  • "So you're telling me that garou keep their flipper babies in the basement? That's fucked up!"
  • "I'm saying you named yourself after a vibrator, but at least it was a high-quality one. The batteries last a long time and everything!"
  • "Guess what?! They let me into Wizard school!!"


  • "Jesus fucking Christ, she makes me laugh. I mean, I know that's what Coyotes do, but damn. I didn't expect it." - Ghost Light


  • She disappeared for several years when she turned sixteen. Some say she eloped.
  • May be related to the Wendigo on her mother's side. She's not sure the heritage on her father's.
  • Is terrified of Faeries
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OOC Info

Player: Kaela Woolsey
MES #: US2013080103
VST: Miranda
DC: Rowan Artemis