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Lilly Belle isn't as nice as she seems.

Lilly Belle was part of a conspiracy to discredit the former Prince of Los Angeles. It worked perfectly

The last person to attempt to mock Lilly Belle was killed by Sabbat.

Lilly Belle brought with her Anarchs to fight the gangrel who killed Victoria Ash

Lilly Belle is known to have had an elicit affair with Gene Autry.

Lilly Belle is not from Savannah, Ga originally.

Lilly Belle hates America

Lilly Belle is really a malkavian who believes she's in a play.

Lilly Belle has the ashes of her enemies crafted into jewelry. She has a large collection of jewelry.

Lilly Belle can be shamelessly bribed with young Turkish boys, a pity they don't last long.

Totally Volgirre...only not. Maybe Fake Volgirre? Nobody knows, but everyone who's anyone saw her on the Baron's arm for an entire weekend. (What does that even mean?)

Lilly Belle is the true leader of House Thorne.