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Details Known to Kindred Society

Clan: Gangrel

Generation: Elder

Office: Prince

Sect: Camarilla

Location: Savannah, GA

Status: Acknowledged, Architect, Authority, Commander, Confirmed, Established, Favored, Honorable, Honorable, Privileged, Sovereign

Notable Traits: Runa is short and curvy in stature. Her skin is milky white, contrasting with her brown hair and startling blue eyes. A crest of black crow feathers parts her hair like a mohawk, the physical manifestation of her beast. She uses birds as couriers, delivering messages to kindred of the city. She is superstitious, perhaps from her fascination and respect for the occult and the folkloric. Her studies of ancient and recent mythos would see her as a modern-night's humanist, if a kindred could claim as much.

Born: 1223 - Kiev, present day Ukraine

Embraced: 1242 - present day St. Petersburg, Russia

Rumors Known to Kindred Society

(Rumors, Lies, and Truths? - Feel Free to Add)

  • Runa is not that type of Gangrel.
  • Runa may not be a Gangrel at all. It's been said she is a Toreador.
  • Runa is a seer, with insight into the past, present and future.
  • Runa went viking.
  • Runa's personal domain is Effingham, Bryan, and Liberty Counties (unincorporated by the Praxis of Savannah), yielded to her by Elder Prince Kopaki of Clan Nosferatu.
  • Runa likes fruit baskets for special occasions. ("Oh, he is now Prince?... That man deserves a fruit basket!" -Runa)
  • Runa and Kopaki make bets for fun.
  • Runa IS that type of Gangrel, and just hides it very well.
  • She loves for every one around her to be very calm, sometimes even to the point of drooling.
  • Runa has romantic rendezvous in the mountains.
  • Kopaki is so terrified of Runa, he is afraid to show his face in Savannah.
  • Runa has childer she has not communicated with in hundreds of years.
  • Runa and Igor fought side by side against the Anarch and the Sabbat in St. Petersburg.
  • Igor is Runa's protector.
  • Runa and Yelena are sisters, lovers, frenemies or just friends who like to watch others squirm.
  • Runa's presence is so commanding she merely looks at someone and they flee in terror.
  • Runa has a harem of assassins and an army of Anarchs.
  • Runa collects stray kindred like a Toreador collects art.
  • Runa isn't the true Runa anymore. She died. Her childe has taken her place.
  • Runa is a hunter. That does have more than one meaning.
  • Runa has professed love for a member of the Anarch Movement, but the nature of that love and the identity of the Anarch are not widely known - if they are known at all. Perhaps someone in the Movement knows, but they aren't talking..
  • Runa has a proclivity for non-pillar clans.
  • Runa enjoys annoying Yelena by recounting Icelandic sagas and Norse mythology.
  • Recently the Prince was offered a treaty by an Anarch domain, but rejected it for being too restrictive in what manner of justice could be dispensed to members of the Independent Alliance who stepped wrong in her city- and how swiftly that justice might be delivered.
  • Runa does have friends among the Anarchs, and may even have offered one of them her protection on more than one occaision.
  • In recent days, the Prince had been seen in the company of a young Kindred who has visited Savannah previously and has since departed. They had been frequenting popular clubs, dancing and enjoying one another's company. Once or twice they had disappeared for a couple of hours, smiling and looking at each other every so often when they return. Is this the Anarch for whom Runa once professed love? Someone else entirely? As of yet, nobody has asked.. and the ire of an Elder Gangrel is not one anyone wishes to lightly incur - but at one point the visitor was given a fruit basket.


Quotes from Kindred Society

  • "Considering that Elder Prince Runa made her bones in the battle against my philosophical forebears during the original Revolt, some might find our friendship unusual. So be it. Come after her, do her harm, and I make you one promise - you'll never see me coming." -Malcolm Donovan

Timeline for OOC Purposes ONLY

1230 - 1240 - Instructed in Cartography by her mortal father

1240 - Traveled to present day St. Petersburg, Russia

1245 - 1400 - Traveled the territories ruled by the Golden Horde observing and studying

1410 -1493 - Fought against the Anarchs across Europe

1493 - Attended Convention of Thorns

1504 - Attended Grand Conclave outside of Vienna

1500s - Traveled across Scandinavia and the Arctic observing and studying

1600 - Returned to St. Petersburg

1615 - 1640 - Fought against Sabbat for control in St. Petersburg

1700s - Explored the Ottoman Empire, observing and studying

1830 - 1835 - Traveled across the Mediterranean

1910 - Traveled to North America

1960 - Settled in Savannah, GA

2014 - Became Primogen of Savannah, GA

2014 - Gained her personal Domain of Effingham, Bryan, and Liberty Counties in Georgia (unincorporated by the Praxis of Savannah)

2015 - Became Prince of Savannah, GA

OOC Information

Player: Lori Minchey

MES Number: US2013100157

Location: GA-011-D The Garden of Good and Evil (Savannah, GA)

Region: South East Region

Country: United States

Venue: Vampire the Masquerade

VST: Trey Shuman