Runs the Gauntlet

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I dreamed I was missing
You were so scared
But no one would listen
'Cause no one else cared

After my dreaming
I woke with this fear
What am I leaving
When I'm done here?

Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Silent Striders
Breed: Homid
Pack: The Untouchables
Sept: Sept of Roadrunner's Promise
Rank: Fostern
Glory: ••
Wisdom: ••••• •
Player: Callie Hoskins
Storyteller: WtA VST

Character Information

Name: Akhusenu

Known Deed Names:

  • Cliath: Storms Burden
  • Fostern: Runs the Gauntlet

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Silent Striders

Notable Traits: Albino, Third Eye

Description: Akhusenu stands 6'8, and is a lean jackel body with pure white fur and a third eye in the middle of her forehead. She is always watching those around her, her eyes focusing on the subtleties of the nature of her exisitance. In her human form she stands 6' tall with white skin, pale blue eyes and white hair. During the day she is constantly wrapped and wears long sleeves or a jacket. At night she is less covered and the ridge of her third eye can be seen when closed.

Parents: Wyrm Chaser, Silent Strider, Ahroun and Sings the Journey, Silent Strider, Galliard


  • 1992 December - Born to Wyrm Chaser and Sings the Journey
  • 1992 December - Left with a Pegasus Sept on the Mediterranean
  • 2004 June - First Change
  • 2004 December - Completes her Cliath Challenge, delivering a SL Klaive to the Sept of Glorious Thunder, known after that as Storms Burden
  • 2005-2010 - Sept Runner and Messenger across Europe, North Africa and Middle East
  • 2008-2009 - Spends time getting trained with Klaufurchen, a mercenary pack with no Sept ties, dedicated to Clashing Boom Boom
  • 2010 - Picked up as Support for a mission against the Wyrm, met The Untouchables
  • 2010 - Asked to join The Untouchables
  • 2013 - Called, with the pack, to Phoenix
  • 2014 Feb - Participated in a multi-pack offensive against the Wyrm in New Mexico. Her pack took out a BSD from "fishing" from the helicopter. Her pack, armed with a lot of explosives and many rounds took down compound walls as a major distraction, taking out 58 Wyrm tainted military trained personnel with the help of two Guhral. Allowing other packs to infiltrate the compound and obtain the objective.


Albino Jackal 2.jpg


  • "A week? I can get it there in three days." -RtG
  • "Newsflash Asshole, I don't work for you." -RtG
  • "Did you know that most secret societies that humans talk about are actually run by vampires?" RtG
  • "Yup, BFG, my favorite."

From Others

  • "She's pack, shut your face. Or I'll shut it for you." - Lucky Strike
  • "Yes there is a Metis in our pack...and?" - Sings the Forgotten
  • "We go back a while, ran together when I was in the Middle East. She is a smart Garou, understands her role, understands the spiritual world. We would be lost without her." - Stands His Ground
  • "She can fight. She can kill. But there is more to us than these talents." Steel Vice Bite


  • Has a mind like a steel trap, any message can be sent with her, and it will be delivered.
  • Lives a troubled life, even a part from being an outcast.
  • Other Striders treat her with respect that is due from a heavy burden, but to others it is still unknown why
  • Her name means "From Two, the Ancestors"
  • Her name means "From Two, the line is gone"




  • Cougar - The Losers
  • Leito - District 13
  • Toorop - Babylon AD

OOC Information

Player: Callie Hoskins

MES Number: US2002021575

Location: Phoenix, Az