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Character Information
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City: Colorado Springs
Player: Sean Bergeman
Storyteller: Travis Page



Real Name: Russel MacIntyre

Deed Name: Rusty

Pack: The War Torn


Age: As old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth

Backstory and Personality

Changed during the Brethren War and brought up in the conflict, Rusty is now embittered by what he has done, what he failed to do and what might have been. His duty to the cause of the Forsaken has not waned but he does not have a coping mechanism for a time of peace and so he keeps to himself and now, his newly formed pack. He is gruff and not easy to be around but as an Irraka, that suits him well.


"The high respect the low"
"It's a good thing were already in a cemetery then"
"Just irraka and Ithear tonight, we don't hit things be we can do occulty things really sneakily"


Rusty committed horrible atrocities during the Brethren War and his solitude is a form of penance.
The old hobo routine is just a ruse so that people will ignore and underestimate him
He is, in fact, quite wealthy but prefers to live on the street

OOC information

Player Name: Sean Bergeman

Location: Colorado Springs Forsaken

Other Info: