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Requiem PC

Player: Terry James
Character: Ryan O'Connell
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Cerberi
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Position: None

  • Charleston, SC 1
  • Gangrel 4
  • The Carthian Movement 5

Domain: South East
VST: Ken G.

Character Information

Name: Ryan O'Connell

Clan: Gangrel

Bloodline: Cerberi


Covenant: Carthian Movement

Status: Charleston SC 1, Gangrel 4, Carthian Movement 5

Title or Positions: Regional Prefect of the South East, Carthian Head of Defense

Carthian Movement.png

Information known:
Ryan came to the United States sometime before the turn of the 20th century. Kindred sightings track his movements across the northern states into the West Coast. He was unaligned when he reached the area around southern California, and announced himself as a member of The Carthian Movement some time in the thirties or forties as he followed Route 66 East towards the south eastern part of the country. He's been residing and active in the court of Charlotte for over half a century. After serving as interim Regional Prefect at the start of the current crucible, he was elected by majority vote as Regional Prefect of the southeast for 2014. Ryan held Praxis in Charlotte for the first year of the Cruicble, then stepped away from the position of Prince to become involved in regional and national matters.

Known Childer:

Known Grand-Childer:


Quotes (feel free to add your own)

  • "It seems like over half the city is Gangrel, and I am not surprised one ended up Prince. To be honest, I'm glad he ended up Prince. Someone tries to remove him from that spot, and I will remove them from this city." South Paw
  • "It would be most unwise to challenge the Prince of the City. Unwise and most likely fatal. I assure you if Prince Ryan didn't remove you I would. Trust me your ashes would never be found." Vincent Fortune
  • "I love men in power! Every gather he proves that he is a MAN and I love that! Oh.... and he is a great leader too!" -Bellatrix
  • "Do not be fooled by his affiliations with the Movement. Prince O'Connell operates his domain in such a manner as to be almost indistinguishable from right-thinking domains. One merely has to overlook the pretense of elections, which I am certain are prepared from the start to achieve his desired results. We can work with him." - Leonard Ernest Harding speaking to a fellow Invictus
  • "A First amoung equals he refers to himself as. I see more Gangrel than Carthian in him."- Christopher Godfrey
  • "..Ryan is a pretty legit guy. He is not quite the hard hitting hard rolling thug that gets it done, that you and I appreciate dealing with. Mainly because he decided to go and become respectable, but if push comes to shove he will hold court in the street." Rick Clark
  • "Apparently, I hold court in the street." Ryan O'Connell
  • "Kindred struggle to hold their beasts back. My sire gave in to his beast, surrendered to it. My childer tried to suppress it down, deny it, lock it up. I said fuck that; I put that bitch on a chain. Now, she works for me." Ryan O'Connell
  • "He asks the proper questions, in the proper time. For that, he has my most sincere gratitude." - Gal Friday
  • "Whether he knows it or now, I've intervened on Williams behalf many times, because he is my childe. If he wants to sever that bond between us, that is his choice, but if he does I will no longer be there to protect him. " Ryan O'Connell discussing rumors that his childe William Harrington wished to 'un-sire' him.
  • "Ursine unite! But, seriously, this guy knows what's up, and I'm damn glad I managed to catch him in Roanoke, other than when they were dragging him out of the building..." Krysta
  • "I look at Prefect O'Connell and see myself through a mirror, darkly. He's a skillful warrior, a cunning politician, and a potent kindred... I look forward to the day he outgrows the Carthian Insurgency and joins the ranks of the First Estate." Szilaz Hunyady
  • "Ryan's a nice guy, but he seems to think that if you disagree with his politics, you arn't a real Carthian. He's more interested in wielding the movement like a cudgel against his enemies then he is about protecting individual liberties. He should stay out of my city as long as he thinks he can command the Movement." Bishop
  • "When one can pry Carthian gossip from the lips of the same his name is generally one of the more common mentioned - and always with fervency, be it smile or scowl. I cannot wait to get to know him up close." - Gwyneth Loreth
  • "O'Connell pokes his thumb in every pie. If O'Connell's thumb isn't poking your pie, your pie's not worth poking." Szilaz
  • "The next time you come for me, bring a fucking army!" Ryan O'Connell taunts VII in Windsor Locke, CT.
  • "Found it! Whispers in the Darkness is a Quest from a different world. A World of Warcraft! We should search for this land?" Ryan O'connell seeking an unknown being in Charlottesville, Va.

Rumors known (feel free to add your own)

  • Over 200 years old.
  • Has embraced nearly a dozen childer across the U.S.
  • Has traveled into every state of the continental U.S.
  • Was part of a Coterie in North Dakota for a few years.
  • Survived the Years of Hunger seemingly unfazed.
  • Claims to have held the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
  • Prince O'Connell has seemingly only been fazed by one vampire, who recently came to his city.
  • They say there is a perfect 10 foot circle around him that is shrouded in silence.
    • There is no blood magic at work, the reality around him just knows better then to disturb Prince O'Connell while he works.
  • Ryan killed a seven feet tall giant mutant rodent and displayed the head on a pike in Elysium.
  • Is actually proud of William Harrington's progress in the the City lately but doesn't want to admit to anyone out of fear that he will be disappointed again.
  • Picked up a frenzying vampire by the throat and tossed her across the room.
  • Is conducting a secret affair with the new city Scourge, Assad.
  • Is turning Charlotte into a Carthian state.
  • Vincent Le Jumel was sent by Edmund Delayney to assassinate Ryan.
  • Ryan is just waiting for someone to kill him.
  • He claims to have destroyed his Beast.
  • The former prince only set a few laws, ones he knew would get obeyed. However unspoken laws he never intended became law unto themselves; as such no kindred was willing to destroy another while he reigned as they were afraid he would destroy them.
  • He is scared of the Brood that reside to the west of Charlotte.
  • Ryan's been spending a great deal of time in San Juan
  • He explained the difference between the Movement and the First Estate by comparing them both to a bag of marbles.
  • Ryan sat with a table full of Daeva at a large gathering and whiled away the hours telling stories about the Gangrel.
  • Bid more boons at the Mistress of Funtopias auction than anyone else, without attending.
  • Ryan is working for the Invictus
  • Ryan would sacrifice himself for a certain kindred.

OOC Information


Terry James


Charleston, SC