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"I think we're done here."
Her Grace, Rylyn Luxuria the Ancient, Duchess of the Icebound Heart, The Lady of Subtle Sorrows, Quartermaster of The Third Lantern

Creature Type: Changeling (Succubus/Romancer)
Accord Status: ••••

Cell/City: The Third Lantern; Boston, MA And RIPP; Providence, RI
Motley: Red Right Hand

Player: Sarah P. US2012070086
ST: Peter G.

Physical Appearance

Striking Looks 4, Presence 6, Seductive Grace 3, Rigid Mask, Fame 3 (Goddess)


Rylyn in her mask is slightly shorter than her mein, but still maintains the mutable qualities of eyes, hair, height and other such simple changes. She seems attentive particularly in sexual situations and carries herself as someone who knows precisely what they are doing. She favors no particular style other than one that indicates her as a goddess or higher than those around her in many situations.


Gentrified Bearing, Lethal Mein
Rylyn is tall in her mein, at times almost 6'2" to as short as 5'5", her features varry and her eyes are of indeterminate color, though generally darker shades of whatever color is the most attractive. Her teeth are all sharp, whether or not they are pointed depends on the viewer, but overall they are sharper than one would seem. Her nails are darkened on the fingertips like slight claws they are likewise as sharp and match the twin gold and black horns or white and gold wings that curve from her head. Her ears are slightly pointed and her hair shifts color like her eyes do. Her feet are arched and curved simply ending in what could be considered hooves, and occasionally she even sports wings.


Rylyn's mantle is cold, barely a noticeable temperature change but there none the less. It appears in the faint scattering of chills and goosebumps on the skin of others. And occasionally the simple aura of sorrow drifts behind her accompanied by the faintest shadows of falling snow.

Important People

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ADAdot.png Nikolai
ADAdot.png Amon-Amt
ADAdot.png Jason Harvick
ADAdot.png Nuri
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ADAdot.png "For a hot second there I was going to be like WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU and then she was like 'hi I'm from Boston' and I got a look at her mantle and Eli knew her and so instead I was like WELCOME AWAITED ONE HOW CAN I HELP YOU. Like seriously we needed her front and center like four months ago." F13
ADAdot.png "She strikes me as one who plays the long game. She's putting pieces into play, or at least playing with pieces." Houston
ADAdot.png "She lives to provide for the wants of others. I'd love to see her live for herself." Shade
ADAdot.png "She feels like the wrong kind of predator. She felt like one who wants to hurt." David Shattuck
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The Words of Winter

On Sex and Sorrow
So you think that people want sexual contact because of the physical aspect? Well, dear, you are sorely mistaken. People don't really want sex all that much, they crave it, it's a primal instinct to reproduce but it is also the way that they anchor themselves to other people. They seek it out because they need to belong and they need to feel wanted. Sex is a representation of how needy they truly are -- because they need another person's contact to show them that they exist, that they belong. Sexual desire is a representation of how hollow they truly are on the inside; particularly in the aspect of their willingness and desire to fuck anything or anyone that shows any interest. It is a direct representation of their loneliness -- of their sorrow. Who am I to reject them the fullness of their sorrow when I know that, yes, this one act will give them the slightest relief. It is only enough that they become further addicted to it before they fall yet again into the sorrow that my court feeds on. Dear, you asked why I do what I do; have your questions been answered?
On True Love
True love? It's been a while since someone asked me about True Love, Jason, but if you really want my opinion. I don't believe in true love, I believe that lust is the closest most people are going to get. But then I also don't subscribe to the 'traditional' thought of True Love. Love is like Charity, you give it and you give it and it generally doesn't come back to you. And therefore what's the point, you're just pouring yourself out to get no return. However, IF true love exists that's the point, you give it away, because like Charity it's not about you anymore, it's about them. I have heard love be described as a distinct desire to protect someone else even to the detriment of one's self -- if that is your definition of Love, than sure it exists. But in this world it's hard to see that happening beacause of how damn selfish everyone is. The point of Love is that it's selfless, and that just doesn't happen, not now, not in this world.

Forces of Personality

Rylyn is a Goddess, and nothing said otherwise would take that away from her. She is stately and will generally act as the benevolent ruler if she is given the chance. However, she is also the owner of an escort service and will act as fiercely in the defense of her girls as any wounded mother would. One way or another she is used to the world bending to her will, in or out of the hedge.


Her desires are largely set aside, almost as if she has none at all. She seems almost like a blank slate when it comes to wants and desires, though she always maintains a specific level of need that even she cannot stuff down. But even in those moments it is truly difficult to detect true desire in her eyes.
However, it is known that she likes to help people in whatever way she can, even to the point of falling in combat at the hands of those she was trying to help, or those under her strange net of protection. Still she holds the position of Rake until she decides to give it up, and she will maintain all that that entails until otherwise declared.


To call Rylyn truly cold would be a mistake, she is cold because of her general ice-queen nature which is partially because she is actually The Ice Queen of Boston. However, she doesn't speak much of her past; in fact she downright avoids it if possible. Instead she leaves the stories to others who think they have better tales and leaves her own story shrouded in mystery. More often than not she will activate parts of her own desires to move conversations along or into something else all together.




Divine Chants


OOC Information

Rylyn was perhaps created as a response to my not being able to play Lost in a capacity that I liked, but also as a way to empower the way I make social characters that tend to have a little more than teeth. I wanted to stretch the concepts that I frequently play into something a little more precise and pointed.
I am always open to Character ties

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