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This is the combined efforts to record the events of April 17, 2015, when the Nation gathered a war party in Atlanta to fight the Wyrm on multiple fronts, to defend the city against the great threat Terminus, Zhyzak, and other events that occurred in that time.

Terminus Offensive: No Shit I didn't see that coming

The Events

The Gathering

On the night of Friday, April 17, 2015, many of the Nation gathered at the Sept of the Dreaming Stone in Atlanta Georgia to prepare for two great threats that we were quite aware of, and a third major threat that may have arrived, as well as many other minor threats that would likely arise.

The leadership of the Dreaming Stone informed us that Terminus was on the way and to be prepared... Terminus had somehow negated the usefulness of our attacks and we had to acquire the favors of certain spirits, appeasing them in order to allow our abilities to be useful—from as simple as biting and clawing, to using firearms, or even Gifts. Many there were inspired by the speeches given before we broke apart to figure out how we were going to handle the situation.

The Bonegnawers Hawt Garbage, Jingles All The Way, and Marcus performed Rite of the Pizza, and many of us partook for the benefits it granted in the fight to come.

A triage center was formed in the park for the wounded to return to, and before too long, Terminus was within closing distance on the City and it was time to engage.

Battling Terminus

Fighting Terminus Directly

Terminus was the original City Father before it became Atlanta. Terminus was removed, or exiled, and was determined to return. He went to the Wyrm for power to retake his city. As an Incarna with aspirations to be a Celestial, he was super-powered with Wyrm craziness and ready to rumble... and boy did he rumble. Terminus was a monster. A GIANT train made the size of a freighter made of flesh and had cephalopod-like tendrils. When Garou evoked the Rage within them to combat it faster, it would send out waves of power that inflicted great damage on the Garou around it.

((Details of attacks here, how it was fought, and how it was defeated.))

Gaining Spiritual Favors

The scene was chaos, however. There was no organization, and the favors of the spirits to allow attacks to work were only temporary and those spirits had to continue being appeased to renew those favors. Unfortunately, since there was little, if any, coordination or knowledge of who was doing what, groups would go off to appease certain spirits, only to learn that those spirits had already been appeased and their tasks they had done to appease them had been nullified, making their efforts useless but at least not removing the favors earlier-acquired by others (thank Gaia for small favors!) So, again, Spirits can be shady and tricky.

  • To appease a Cockroach spirit, a group was tasked with removing a pattern spider that was causing the cockroach and his kind problems. It was found in a very dilapidated building, and quickly taken-down in a hail of gunfire as it tried to defend itself by attacking with calcifying webbing. It didn't stand a chance and the spirit was satisfied and gave its blessing for firearms to work against Terminus again for a period of time.
  • To appease Wyld spirits and allow general gifts to work again, the local trains had to be shut down, or at least cause them chaos. With the help of some hacking and other talents, Leverage was able to hack their computers at a terminal and shut the trains down.
  • One team decided to appease the Wyld spirits by colliding two high-speed-rail passenger trains together. There were hundreds of deaths as the trains hit each other at full-speed and their passenger cars wound up sprawling across the busy highway alongside the tracks which caused greater deaths on the roads from running into and being run into by other vehicles. This was apparently the plan of a Red Talon.
  • To show the strength of character held by the Garou present, a team traveled to a place where Grandfather Thunder's brood were known to reside. Performing a ritual of storm summoning, they not only accomplished the goal of proving themselves, but earned the favor of Grandfather Thunder which refreshed all of the rituals participants.
  • To draw out a Pain Spirit, a group tracked down a Bane and forced its compliance. Making a deal with the Pain Spirit to allow it to experience of the continued battles through the possession of Sings-of-Loss, an accord was struck and Terminus was made vulnerable to bladed weapons.
  • To allow spiritual Gifts such as Battle Mandala and command spirit a specific card game was played with an Atlanta brood spirit. A powerful Rat spirit was the opponent in the card game and Jingles all the Way nearly won but was soon facing defeat. His packmates Loophole, Hides the Evidence, Overachiever, and Marcus came to his rescue to provide negotiation and chiminage that these gifts were unlocked to aid the garou fighting in the battle.
  • The spirits of fire were twice appeased by the pyrotechnical dramatics of Hilde Rekkstrum. With the helpful contacts and clean up of others including Pari Forakis, (insert your names here), the group was able to locate a tanker truck which she hot wired and drove into a condemned building to create a stunning explosion. The second appeasement came when Red Rain escorted a flame on a stick to a meth lab. While Hawt Garbage chatted up the owner, Hilde sneaked into the house, rehabilitated the cookers through fear and set the chemicals ablaze while dodging a hail of gun fire. She was also fairly certain a sound spirit or two was appeased by the resounding WHOMP of the explosion.
  • Amidst the chaos and distraction, wise Uktena Uri Jackson sat down with a young Red Talon named Red Rain to appease the overlooked (???) Spirits. The two proved their patience and skill with a human game involving stacking sticks. This pleased the Spirits, who allowed unarmed brawl attacks to harm Terminus in battle.

    A Spirit Emerges

    Terminus was known to absorb other spirits during its advance. The Fianna heard rumors of a Stag spirit which had escaped Terminus. Several Fianna — Soul-Mender, Finn MacNamara, Ciara MacNamara, and others — gathered to find this spirit. When they had a sense of foreboding, they called for help. When they approached the spirit, they were disconnected from their packs, prompting still more to come out of fear that their packmates were in danger. The Stag was located, bound to the ground in some wyrm ritual, and then taken by the Fianna to a safe location. When it was removed, the packs' connections were restored.

    The King Returns

    Jonas Albrecht, the King of the Silver Fangs suddenly appeared. Now, the King has been thought to be dead for a long time, so this wasn't expected. What he then SAID was even worse... he had been hiding among us, showing up at our Caerns under other names and identities, masking his true identity, learning our Sept and Caern's defenses... then he took all of that information to Zhyzak and betrayed us. He claimed that had not only “betrayed us, but had saved us.” It was then that all shit was ABOUT to break loose because the Klaives came out and it wasn't a matter of when he'd die, but who'd kill him. Before the first blow could be struck someone used their Harmony Flute to cease the fight, and King Albrecht was walked away by several of our leadership to be restrained and held somewhere else.

    Albrecht's Speech:

    “Here I come before you, Garou of The Concordiat, to share with you my vision and my will. The burden of leadership is not an easy one, and the burden of a servant can be even greater. I have tried to be both in my time. While I may be judged harshly now, the future will bear out my purpose.

    Two years ago, I received a vision from Gaia. The Apocalypse was coming and in it, we would fail. We would die and our purpose lost. Nothing could prevent it. There was a way, however, a slim chance to see the survival of Garou as a species, to continue our purpose. It would require a great culling. A great winnowing of those who would not matter.

    I shed my identity and walked amongst you. I traveled as Howling Wolf, as Jonathan Chandreskar, as Albert Koenig, as a dozen other names. I have visited your Septs, I have reviewed their defenses. I have mapped your territories.

    And then, this morning, I have turned all those details over to Zhyzhak to be distributed to our enemies. I have betrayed you, I have saved us.

    You are welcome.”

    Villains Among Us

    The Death of Gauge, the Ratkin

    The Ratkin known as Gauge was sneaking around, stealing items from the Garou, from bandages to Fetishes, and even a Fenrir's Hammer. He was eventually found, and put down quickly by Killbox.


    Among those in the area were Skindancers, but not of Garou, but of other shifters. They have now been called Fera-dancers. Among them were several Ratkin-Skindancers, Bastet-Skindancer, Ananasi-Skindancer, and one Makole-Skindancer was found as well; disturbing thoughts. The Bastet known as "Sarah" was involved in taking down the Bastet-Skindancer and even took the killing blow.

    The Convincer

    There was an individual, young female, who was going around, and with a word could convince someone to do something they otherwise would not have. In one case, someone found themselves battling Terminus without knowing how/why they were there, but thankfully survived the ordeal. Another was making healing talens and was later convinced to stop before realizing that they had been somehow convinced to stop against their will.

    After a few tricks, this young girls' identity was discovered by Cozzie Steals The Moon and Visions of Phoebe to be an Ananasi-Skindancer using a Wyld-Skin fetish to mask herself. She was then swiftly taken down by Blood-fang who was nearby; and others determined to not let the enemy escape.

    Fixing Atlanta

    With the coming of Terminus; the city found itself in disarray. Many issues had to get fixed. And with the fall of Terminus, a shock-wave blasted the city, creating even more. Here are some of what was done.

    • Members of local packs Coils of Dark & Shock worked together to eliminate a Bane Nest that had opened in the wake of Terminus's binding.
    • A local Bastet named Sarah along with several Garou including Hawt Garbage, Visions of Phoebe, Malena Eberhart and others (insert your names if you see this). The group closed an Arcadian Umbral pocket which was out of place; created by the shock-wave from the Terminus battle.
    • Members of local packs Coils of Dark & Shock worked together to protect the flock from a Pack (read: 8) of athro ranked BSD's.

    Confronting Zhyzak

    Just before the warriors of Gaia went off to defend the Sept against Zhyzak, Jingles All The Way performed Rite of the Pizza once again for those interested in partaking and gaining the favor of the rite.

    For the Galliard's tale of the battle with Zhyzak check out The Story of Zhyzhak the Coward as sung by Scale's Aggravating Claws, Athro, Galliard of the Shadow Lords.

    The Aftermath

    The Fallen

  • Letter-of-the-Law Adren, Philodox, Glass Walker
  • Alison "Weaver's-Grace" Gore, Cliath Ragabash Glasswalker (NPC)

    Those Who Fought


  • David "Wall-of-Text" Tealdeer Fostern, Ragabash, Glass Walker
  • Malena Eberhart Adren, Ragabash, Get of Fenris
  • Cpl. Markus Jonathan "Shoots-From-the-Hip" Jackson Adren, Ahroun, Glass Walker
  • Specter's Flight Ales, Corax
  • Fíona "Thunder Born" MacOrann Cliath, Galliard, Fianna
  • Memphis "Walks Without Rhythm" Frye Cliath, Theurge, Silent Strider
  • Overachiever Voksen Rotagar Ulfr of the Fenrir (Fostern Ragabash Lupus of the Get of Fenris)
  • Thunderstruck, Adren Shadow Lord Ragabash
  • Icy Shadow, Athro Ahroun of the Shadow Lords
  • Soul-Mender Lupus, Athro, Theurge, Fianna
  • Red-Knife Fostern, Ahroun, Wendigo
  • Killbox Elder, Ahroun, Glass Walker
  • Visions of Phoebe Athro, Theurge, Silent Strider
  • He Who Shines the Way "Peter Albrecht" Athro, Ahroun, Lupus, Silver Fangs
  • Hilde Rekkstrum Cub, Ahroun, Get of Fenris
  • Red Rain, Lupus, Theurge, Fostern, Red Talon
  • Scale's Aggravating Claws, Homid, Athro, Galliard, Shadow Lord
  • Pari Forakis, Keeper of Scion, Elder, Theurge, Black Fury
  • Dylan Price, Cacophony of Secrets, Athro, Theurge, Shadow Lord
  • Kami Sighs, Adren, Ahroun, Stargazer
  • Cozamalotl "Steals The Moon" Jones, Athro, Ragabash, Uktena
  • Sarah Tekhmet, Bastet
  • Hawt Garbage, Athro, Ragabash, Bone Gnawer
  • Peter Berkowski, Grins and Bears It, Adren, Shadow Lord, Philodox
  • Ulryk Kordus, Sinbreeder, Adren, Homid, Galliard
  • Simona Decebel, First Strike, Fostern, Shadow Lord, Ahroun
  • Victor Dawncrown, Elder, Silver Fang, Ahroun

    Atlanta Locals

  • Demetra "Breaking Point" Papavasiliou Athro, Ahroun, Black Fury
  • Loophole Athro, Ragabash, Glasswalker
  • Max "Hat Trick" Russell Adren, Theurge, Silent Strider
  • Tri-Sole Adren, Ahroun, Wendigo
  • Over Achiever Adren, Ahroun, Fianna
  • Jessie, Adren, Theurge, Bone Gnawer
  • Sings-of-Loss Fostern, Galliard, Get of Fenris
  • Hides the Evidence Fostern, Ragabash, Shadowlord
  • Jingles all the Way Fostern, Theurge, Bone Gnawer
  • Osmand "Purifies Through Forge Fire" Steiner Fostern, Theurge, Get of Fenris
  • Barney "Witch's Brew" Cliath, Theurge, Fianna
  • Bronk Prime-Meridian Ales, Corax
  • Marcus Fostern, Theurge, Bone Gnawer
  • Will Fletcher, Cliath, Philodox, Silent Strider


    • The essence of Terminus lives in a Wyrm Grand Klaive held by one of the Ratkin-Skindancers. A few of those present know how and where to find it. The battle is not over.
    • The old man which rescued Zhyzak seemed of Middle Eastern decent. One of the Silent Striders which was at the battle has seen him before.
    • The old man who rescued Zhyzhak was actually a mage.


    Tales of the Event