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This is the venue page for the Sacramento, CA Cam/Anarch venue. Please read our venue style sheet, as it contains important in character historical information and out of character venue specific rules not reprinted on this page.

The below information is known in character to all Kindred PCs attached to the Sacrament VSS.

The Praxis of Sacramento

Sacramento at Night.jpg

  • The City of Sacramento and its suburbs, including all land bordered on the west by West Sacramento, the south by Elk Grove, the east by El Dorado Hills, and the north by Lincoln. All Kindred to whom I have granted Hospitality are welcome to dwell on this land and exert their influence therein.

    The Courtesies of Prince Rukh

    • In regards the the First Tradition of Masquerade - It is the shared responsibility of every Kindred in the city to preserve the Masquerade and to halt any breaches regardless of who perpetuates them, be they Kindred or other supernatural agency. Unless it is absolutely necessary to preserve the Masquerade, vampires are forbidden to kill mortals.
    • In regards to the Second Tradition of Domain - Kindred may petition the Prince for personal domain, granting them exclusive rights to private property or aspects of mortal society within the city. As an extension of the Prince's domain all Kindred are expected to uphold the laws of the sect and city within their personal domains.
    • In regards to the Fifth Tradition of Hospitality - All vampires, regardless of their affiliation, are required to make a formal presentation. Independents, Anarchs, Autarkis, and Caitiff, must be presented by either a member of the Primogen Council or an Elder of the sect. It is the personal responsibility of said Primogen or Elder to properly educate visitors and new arrivals in the laws of our city and are equally accountable for any crime, breach of etiquette or otherwise, perpetuated by Kindred in their charge.
    • In regards to the Sixth Tradition of Destruction - Kindred are forbidden to kill other vampires within the domain without the express permission of the Prince, even in self defense. All vampires, regardless of their affiliation, are to be brought before the Prince for judgment.

  • Notable Residents

    • Brujah
    • Angel - Ancillae, Primogen (Liza Fox)
    An Ancillae who has spoken out in defense of mortals, especially those who can not defend themselves. Has been known to lend her martial prowess to others in exchange for boons, or favors for those who she protects.
    • Puppet - Neonate
    likes to talk with is fists. (NPC)
    • Gangrel
    • Phan-Neonate
    While very calm and collected, he seems to have a problem with authority (NPC)
    • Malkavian
    Some have said Ovan is quiet, measured, and / or thoughtful. Others have said he is impulsive, lacking and / or rude. More often than not he allows his peers to jump to their own conclusions regarding his thoughts, preferences and beliefs. But when it comes to the law of his city and safety of his fellows, Ovan is dedicated to those who follow him. In conversation, he is highly inquisitive, contemplative, and definitive when he has a real interest in those who he is talking to. In regards to the politics of the sect he follows logic and the Traditions when dealing with law, and avoids the more interpersonal issues that inevitably occur among those immediate to him.
    One of the newest additions to the city's political infrastructure, Rook is the grandchilde of Marissa Cole, the Malkavian Clan Justicar, and recently relocated to Sacramento from the domain of San Francisco, with the stated intention of dedicating himself to a real Prince. In polite company he seems always to know exactly what others are thinking and what to say to make his points, appearing benevolent when in fact he is quite the Machiavellian. Rook is a watchtower of the Camarilla, revealing enemies and obstacles that stand in the way of its continued ascendency and removing them with extreme prejudice. He is cold, calculating, judgmental, egotistical, invasive, and intractable, and is known for his criticism and activism against those who pay only lip service to the sect while toeing the party line. He has a reputation for exposing unregistered thaumaturgists, traitors, infiltrators, and diablerists; and is rumored to be especially harsh towards members of his own clan found to be using Dementation, referring to them as walking time bombs at best, and Sabbat sleeper agents at worst. Anarchs are beneath his notice, and when they aren't, they are. He hates Independents and Sabbat, and rarely distinguishes between the two.
    • Wally-Neonate
    Wally seems to be afraid of everything, and only the presence of the Starrs (See Tremere) seem to calm him.(NPC)
    • Blue-Neonate
    An artist who is a fan, and ally of Chimera (see Toreador) (NPC)
    • Nosferatu
    • The Brood- ?
    Actually three Nosforatu who openly use the same identity. (NPCs)
    • Lester-Neonate
    A hulking thug and member of the 5x5 (NPC)
    • Toreador
    This elder does not seem to carry himself with the stoic silence or refined courtly demeanor, rather he embraces a certain amount of passion for unlife. Often he is rather rapid with judgements and clear about his intention to survive. Sylar is not above reminding people that he needs decent motives to assist in risky matters, yet recently he has preserved the unlife of another without securing debt first.
    • Chimera - Ancilla
    The Greatest Artist in the World, at least according to him. Is known for kissing up to the Elders as much as upsetting them. (NPC)
    • Dave-Neonate
    Has yet to make an impression on anyone.

    • Tremere
    Secretive, and somewhat aloof, Aharon has nonetheless always been willing to trade boons for favors. Aharon is known among many vampires as having some of the most accomplished linguists in the Camarilla, if not farther. Until recently, he had rarely been seen at public event, and mostly kept to his own Domain. This seems to have changed in recent nights, with him attending gatherings on a regular basis, and even briefly taking the position of Primogen.
    Violette is sincere, modest, and extremely shy. She is a young elder despite being one of Sacramento's founders. Always well behaved and doesn't often put a toe out of line. She is an academic with a favoritism towards Auspex and seeks to build a brighter future for her fellow kindred. She is a beacon of the Traditions and Harpy of the city. She is also known to be a member of a public Tremere group that focuses on rebuilding the Tremere reputation. Honesty, openness, and helpfulness are her policies. Violette has zero tolerance for tradition breakers or magic abusers.
    • Franklin & Jasmine Starr - Neonates
    A pair of debouched Neonates who always are up for a good time. Nearly always seen with the Malkavian, Wally. (NPC)

    Court Officers

    Map of the Domain of Sacramento, excluding the Prince's personal domain.

    Prince: Aleistor Rukh
    Seneschal: Ovan
    Harpy: Violette de Leoncourt
    Sheriff: Joseph Romanov
    Keeper of Elysium: Jack Finch
    Scourge: N/A

    Primogen Council

    Brujah: Angel
    Gangrel: None, by decree of the Prince
    Malkavian: Ovan
    Nosferatu: Samuel McBride
    Toreador: Sable Carmine
    Tremere: Misha Romanov
    Ventrue: Walter Monrowe

    Important Links


    Feeding Grounds

    Gangrel:From the Foothills to the Mountains and all waterways from the Mountains to the Sea
    Malkavians:West Sacramento
    Tremere: Elk Grove, Southeastern and Southwestern Sacramento.

    The Harpy's Desk

    Previous Harpy Reports: July2014SHR - June2014SHR - April2014SHR

    August 2014
    Acknowledged Kindred of Sacramento,

    Congratulations everyone! It would appear that all of your hard work has finally paid off. Last gathering, on the 8th of August, a number of kindred were handpicked by Elder Rukh to take on a mission of great importance: the retrieval of the known criminal Josephus. It seems that the Ghouls that had been captured during previous gatherings proved useful after spending a few nights with our intimidating Seneschal. Having new information in tow, Primogen Lee, Sheriff Angelina, J. Romanov, M. Romanov, Jack, Cassidy, and visiting Elder Heath, were able to locate and finally capture the blood hunted individual. After months of tedious tracking and chasing, countless resources and efforts being given to the cause, we are finally triumphant! I imagine some kind of celebration is due in the coming weeks, a well deserved soiree.

    Although I am certain that all parties involved are worthy of great renown, it was Ms. Cassidy whose name I heard on the tip of many tongues that evening, including Elder Heath’s. Such praises I heard! “She is a good fighter and handles herself well in combat.” “She was in constant control and never came close to giving in to the beast.” “She handled the situation with due seriousness and respect.” “She would make a great Scourge.” I say well done Ms. Cassidy, for it is not more mindless beasts that we need in these troubled nights, but graceful and responsible defenders of the Camarilla.

    I do myself wonder though, why our actual Scourge was not present at such a pivotal event. Oh wait, he was of course not invited by Seneschal Rukh for he is currently in disfavor. Such *warned* individuals miss out on opportunities of duty and glory. Better luck next time Dixon. Hopefully nobody realizes you were not even needed to perform a task that is suited to your recent position. Given his slight against a fellow Elder, I of course am not fond of Dixon either at the moment and proceeded to *warn* him as my station allows. Given that my actions were supported by the Primogen council and fellow visiting Harpies Arden and Diaz, I can only imagine that Dixon will have learned from this lesson and will not repeat his mistakes.

    The rest of the evening played out beautifully from where I was sitting. Many a pleasant conversation was had and even tough topics remained civil. Elders remarked on the recent Regional Conclave in Sonoma sharing the proposals and results, some discussed variants in clans such as bloodlines, and we even got a history lesson on the Ishtari. We met some new kindred to the city, Elder Camine of clan Toreador who is lovely as she is eloquent, Elder Hans Heinrich of clan Gangrel, quite the charmer that one, and also Samuel McBride a humorous but bright individual of clan Nosferatu. I gladly welcome these individuals to Sacramento as does our Prince, who openly granted them Hospitality.

    This gather we were also graced by visitors Prince Martell, Elder Arden, Elder Diaz, Elder Azure, Elder Heath, Mr. Aurum, Oberon, and strangely enough Calico. I am not sure why such filth was admitted into our city, she certainly is aware that she and her kind are unwelcome in Sacramento. In fact, those that are on morality paths such as hers have been outlawed in the Camarilla since the Conclave of 1959. It may be common for other domains to disregard the laws of the Tower but Sacramento has never made such a practice. So why was her presence tolerated? And why would the fair city of San Francisco disrespect us in such a manner? Even Elder Rukh whose sire was in attendance at that very conclave and endorsed the decision seemed largely unphased by her presence, though his aura revealed the contrary. Curious, indeed.

    And finally, I regret to report that Prince Ovan as of last night, has called off the blood hunt on the criminal Josephus. It may come as a shock to most, as it very well should. A Prince calling off a blood hunt is nigh unheard of. It seems the resources and efforts of the kindred of Sacramento were for naught. In his message to the domain Ovan admits he made a mistake in blood hunting Josephus and asks that we wait to draw conclusions about the matter until he has had a chance to properly address the domain. I wonder how our hard working kindred will respond to this sudden and untimely change of heart. Dear Ovan, he remains Sacramento’s inexplicable Prince.

    Changes in standing or residency to be aware of:

    Primogen Chuck Lee is seen as *courageous* by Prince Ovan.
    Sheriff Angelina is seen as *courageous* by Prince Ovan.
    Joseph Romanov is seen as *courageous* by Prince Ovan.
    Misha Romanov is seen as *courageous* by Prince Ovan.
    Jack is seen as *courageous* by Prince Ovan.
    Ms. Cassidy is seen as *courageous* by Prince Ovan.
    Elder David Heath is seen as *courageous* by Prince Ovan.
    Elder Sable Carmine received formal Acknowledgement.
    Elder Hans Heinrich received formal Acknowledgement.
    Samuel McBride of clan Nosferatu received formal Acknowledgement.
    Graham, along with many other Nosferatu, reattained formal Acknowledgement after having missed the census in July.
    Previously warned Dixon Richards is seen again as *warned* by Harpy de Leoncourt extending his censure.

    And with that I bid everyone a pleasant evening!

    Harpy Violette de Leoncourt
    Active Abiding Status: Noble, Prominent, Guardian

    Fleeting Status: Favored, Loyal, Courteous