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Domain Information

Domain Name: Strange Bedfellows
Domain Number: CA-056-D

Domain Storyteller: David Merriam
Domain Coordinator: Joshua Meredith

Domain Mailing List: Subscribe Here

Domain Boundaries: The greater Sacramento metropolitan area, including Sacramento county and those parts of Sutter, Yolo, Solano and San Joaquin counties that border Sacramento. Additionally, the entirety of Placer, El Dorado and Amador counties.

Venue Information

Masquerade - Cam/Anarch
Venue Homepage: Sacrament
VST: Ron Edens
Games Held: 2nd Friday of each month from 7pm - 1am, at the South Natomas Library (2901 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA 95833).

Masquerade - Sabbat
Venue Homepage: Gehenna Rising
VST: Chris Foster
Games Held: 4th Friday of each month from 8pm-1am. Location TBD.

Venue Homepage: A Dark Wind Rising
VST: David Merriam
Games Held: This game is now defunct and has gone troupe.

Helpful Links

General: Membership Handbook

Cam/Anarch: Addendum,
Character Creation Document,
BNS Lore Chart
Setting Guide,
Protocols of the Camarilla,
Elder Creation Guide

Sabbat: Sabbat Addendum,
Character Development Document,
BNS Lore Chart

Apocalypse: Addendum
Edited Addendum for new players
Setting Guide

Capitol Building - Sacramento, Ca

Tower Bridge - Sacramento, Ca

Grand Island Mansion - Walnut Grove, Ca