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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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Character Info

Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Sand-Harrowed
Entitlement: None
Mantle: Summer •••

Appearance and Notable Traits


Sahara is a middle-eastern woman with brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair. She looks to be in her mid 30’s, and exceptionally tired-looking for her age. She is very muscular with a wide frame. Her back is etched with the scars of countless whip lashes. She also has ugly poorly healed scars around her wrists and ankles.


She retains roughly the same shape, except she's a bit larger and muscular. Sahara looks as though she is made of compacted rough gritty sand. Only her eyes and hair are devoid of sand. Her scars are more pronounced with her Mien, they appear as deep gashes with crimson blood mixed in the dark brown sand of her skin. When she walks and moves, sand appears to trickle from her onto the floor but no sand actually leaves her form.



Sahara was born as Sakina Haddad. She was born and raised in Annapolis, though her parents had moved there from Turkey. She had a falling out with her family due to.. religious differences. It was a deeply upsetting and terrifying time for Sahara, she suffered a great deal of abandonment and fear as she moved away and started over.

So, she fled to San Francisco in March 2004 and began training in different martial arts. She found great enjoyment in the physical arts and devoted herself to training. She mostly kept to herself; her primary social circle was in the form of mentors and rivals. She did not have anyone that she could really call a friend; she was very shy and focused on her goals. Sahara wanted to become a professional MMA fighter. She wanted to make a name for herself, to be an expert at something, to earn the respect of a community, and perhaps make her parents regret ostracizing her.

Sahara was an up and coming MMA fighter, there was a great deal of buzz about her skill and potential. Filled with arrogance and pride, she challenged another up and coming, but obviously superior, MMA Fighter in August 2009. The Victor was there to observe and he gambled with another mortal on the fight, betting that Sahara would win. Instead, Sahara lost, embarrassingly quickly. She had built up an image as to how the fight would go down, but it all fell to pieces when she was simply outmatched by her opponent. She barely had time to accept her humiliation and loss before The Victor came to her to express his distaste for her losing. He appeared as a man in a well-tailored suit carrying a cane with a ram’s head on it, he began to berate her for her loss. The last thing she remembered was an angry sneer and the words “You’re just the ground beneath my feet.”

The memories become fuzzier after that, as she was transformed into sand in an arena. Gladiators brutally fought on her, their feet digging into her, their blood spilling into her, and their rage and fury surrounding her.

Sahara doesn't remember the details of her escape. She just remembers fighting her way past endless bushes, fighting off creatures and thorns, tears in her skin and dripping blood as she ran and fought. She finally emerged and… found herself in Annapolis somehow. It was where she’d wanted to go, even subconsciously, she wanted to go home.

Sahara, being immediately recognized as a future Summer courtier, was introduced to John Vimes and they became fast friends. Sahara's first couple months of escape were notable, she attacked Devil on sight in Annapolis, grappled a giant spider in the Freehold of D.C., she attended the Spring Revel where she made friends, rescued a glass heart containing the soul of a person, and discovered the joys of freedom from Arcadia. Following the spring revel, she traveled to Puerto Rico and preventing a loyalist from taking an item of import into Arcadia for The Arcitect. Unfortunately, this last act resulted in Sahara falling into a portal into Arcadia where she endured a second durance under The Arcitect.

Despite their difficult beginnings, Devil, perhaps as a favor to John, announced that he would be attempting to bring Sahara back from Arcadia. He also offered to bring Aleksandra, another changeling who fell into the portal in an attempt to stop the loyalist, to the real world as well. The ritual required their fetches, which somehow resulted in a long perilous and drama-filled journey across the country.

While a week passed in the real world, decades passed in Arcadia. The Architect used Sahara as muscle, given her unnatural strength, and she worked alongside Ogres. The shackles on her wrists and ankles left scars, as did the whip lashes across her back. At one point, she tried to rally the other ogres into escaping, into believing her dreams of freedom and the real world, but it ended miserably. The ogres hated her for tricking them into hope and treated her especially poorly. Through the years, Sahara lost the hope that her memories of a few months of escape were grounded in any kind of reality. They were the fevered dreams of a desperate slave.

The Ritual to rescue her was performed, and Sahara found herself free of her shackles in the middle of nowhere. Sahara found it difficult to trust her freedom, her last escape was only for a few months and she feared this was another dream or a keeper trick. Despite her fears, she's tried to "act normal" as John Vimes requested. Since her escape, she has grappled with an actor of the Child in Lexington, KY, attacked a giant teddy bear in Manhattan, Kansas, and continued to fight Them in every way that she can.


Sahara is a blunt individual, she tends to be straightforward in her thinking and communicating. She has difficulty with sarcasm and nuance. She is very bad at small talk, she finds socializing to be difficult and overwhelming at times. Despite her gruff manner, she's a compassionate person. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, and will fight to the death for them, even if they might be wrong.

When focused, she tends to look tired or annoyed. She finds negativity to be frustrating and infuriating, which tends to make her shout at people. She believes in leaping into action, even if it may lead to death. She believes in acting boldly rather than standing around talking or planning. She hates inactivity, it makes her feel restless. She doesn't fear death, she welcomes it. She just prays that when she dies, she doesn't wake up in Arcadia again.

Rumors and Quotes


This isn't the real Sahara. No way the Architect would just let one of his changelings out that easy.


"She should be one of the broken blades, man. Sahara is brave, incredible, strong and awesome. She's also luckier than you can possibly imagine, and has a ton of friends. Count me out as one of em!" - DJ Radix
"Not one to upset. Trust me." - Frank Doyle Jr.
"I'm not sure why she has an issue with me but I count her as one of my friends, I just wish that she could remember more...going back a second time always sucks." - Ambrose Crom Cruach
"She is to me what I try to be to the rest of the world." - John Vimes
"Yeah no, I got her to smirk once. Pretty much the crowning achievement of my career." - Gotcha!

OOC Information

Domain: MD-001-D
Player: Hannah Malinowski
MES #: US2011057692
VST: Hannah Wallace