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"Demons run when a good man goes to war

Night will fall and drown the sun
When a good man goes to war

Friendship dies and true love lies

Night will fall and the dark will rise
When a good man goes to war

Demons run, but count the cost

The battle's won, but the child is lost
When a good man goes to war"

"If you want to abuse somebody's trust, you have to gain it first."

Character Information

Salvatore Giovanni


Player: Tyler H
Character: Salvatore Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independents
Position: Don
Status: NA
Domain: Mt. Pleasant, MI
VST: Jayson T

Name: Salvatore "Tory" D'Angelo Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni


Detroit Pseudo-Status:

Notable Traits:

  • Huge, influential, filthy rich family
  • Blush of Health, tailored suits, looks good in purple
  • Good with his hands (Ambidextrous), journeyman pianist
  • Salvatore insists that his friends call him Tory but as far as mortals are concerned, Salvatore Giovanni is a wealthy recluse who does business through this "nephew" Marcello.
  • Hosts spectacular parties for Kindred and Kine alike at his lake house.

Title or Position:

  • Don del Michigan Occidentale


  • He and his sister are very close... if you know what I mean...
  • What do you think he was really doing in Chicago when everyone else was trying to get out? I bet he knows where more than a few bodies are buried...
  • Blood isn't the only thing he sells under the table from St. Anthony Medical Center.
  • He has his own truce with the lupines. Why do you think they suffer his presence on the East Side?
  • He's actually courting invitations to join the Camarilla; his decision hinges on how well his family is respected by the Tower.'
  • He is not as popular as he thinks he is.
  • He is a womanizer. Only because he can't get the women he really wants.
  • He may have cool, calm, some might even say friendly facade, but given the chance he will push you right off a cliff if it will benefit him in the long run.
  • He's a kept pet, one that will be thrown away or disposed of in some manner soon.
  • He won't sell out his clan, well and still get to spend the payment afterwards, at least.
  • Has helped steal a Tremere item from right under a Tremere Archon's nose therefore making Stiener look like a complete tool to his higher ups.
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  • "I treat everyone like a gentleman until they prove otherwise." - Salvatore Giovanni
  • "Monsieur Giovanni has been an attache to our city for many years and because of this, Mount Pleasant is immune to many problems plaguing less diverse domains. His presence has been extremely beneficial." - Veronica Devries
  • "He likes to keep the Masquerade in tact and he likes my art, so he's alright." - Spencer
  • "Few things in this world are as precious to me as my Tory. Strength, wit, loyalty. He is a champion of our family, and for that he has my constant affection." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "I'm twice as smart as this guy, but he keeps getting all the credit. Damned Italians and their damned nepotism and... (trails off)" - Albert Milliner"
  • "Salvatore is a resourceful individual, we will have dealings in the future." - Peter Legba
  • "Family, anyone will tell ya, is the most important thing we have. Salvatore here represents everything my family does best, and he does it with panache, ya see?" - Sybil Giovanni
  • "Salvatore is a fellow you can count on. The man understands that business is about relationships, and that family is the most important relationship of all." - Frankie Giovanni
  • "What can I say about Tory? He has a strength that I find refreshing. I've known him all of his life and I've seen him grow into what he is now. Soon, though, he'll have to make a hard choice and I'll do my best to prepare him regardless of his misplaced hatred of me. I'm sure he'll choose the correct path." - Angelo Giovanni
  • "Tory? Yeah, we are pretty much the cleanup guys. Except, I tend to get a little dirtier when I work. I handle the bodies, he handles legalities." - Gregori Giovanni
  • "That man looks fabulous in purple." - Zoe De Medici
  • "For one so young he has done remarkably well, not only for himself but for his family and our clan... while it may be presumptuous of me, I am quite proud of him." - Ewan Dunsirn
  • "When I was a young man, charlatans calling themselves 'alchemists' sought the patronage of gold-hungry nobility by committing themselves to discovering how one might achieve the transformation of lead to gold. Salvatore Giovanni still is a young man, but not only that; he is also a gold-hungry charlatan confusing himself by thinking that he might achieve the transformation to nobility. But the fact remains, one cannot make gold from lead." - Walter Jones, a.k.a. Walter the Grey
  • "A well spoken individual." - Margareta Sasul
  • "Salvatore is an odd young man. He did well in Michigan last month. At least his temper never gets the best of him." - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "Mio fratellino. When I first met him, I hardly realized that the future would bring us as close as we are. He has ever been a light in the darkness for me, and I've seen the warmth beneath the cunning exterior - but don't discount him. To any not of our family, warmth isn't even on the table." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "Salvatore is a man of great worth to the Family. His skill in the board room dealings is rather impressive, and he has a excellent talent with ledgers. On a personal note Tory plays an excellent Gershwin. - Amelia Dunsirn
  • "He should learn to not beat his chest at his elders." - The Wraith
  • "Didn't mean to break his heart. Promise. Poor kid just gives his all to everything he does. It will be good to see him move on some day." - Annamarie Giovanni
  • "What can I say about my Sire's favorite?" - Solomon St. John
  • "He needs to understand Angelo's lesson sooner than later. Family is family, he will learn." - Valerius Orsino Giovanni
  • "All is rotting before the eyes, life already taken, twice spent and never given. None of us are innocent. Not even Salvatore Giovanni." - Mariella Rossellini
  • "Its refreshing to see that the skills of our ancestors are still in use, Tory has their style and their hardness when it comes to dealing with those who fail. He does this all while still teaching those like me about these new technologies. He's a favorite."-Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "Salvatore? Smooth, charming, and utterly ruthless - all around an excellent person to work with. But if he breaks her heart, I will take his - literally." - Vittoria Giovanni
  • "Damn fine businessman, of that there is no doubt. But this man had the balls to draw on Angelo. This guy has more guts than most Camarilla cities I know of... combined." - Martin Milliner
  • "Salvatore, how do I put this? A daughter defies her father, it's called independence. A childe defies her sire and it's betrayal? He lead a charge to save my body from the shadowlands. Where was my sire or broodmates? Salvatore despite my Sire's dislike for him took a risk for me. I will say this again, HE took a risk for me. That is a debt I will gladly repay to him." - Nicolia Giovanni
  • "I've seen many strange bedfellows in this Famiglia but still there are pairings that surprise me. I wonder how many sheep Tory is giving Angelo for Dificoltá's dowry?"-Sebastiano Vincenzo Chesare Giovanni
  • "Mr. Giovanni, Salvatore if my notes are correct, was remarkably tight lipped when I confronted his family. He, and the rest of his family, became far more talkative and far less flippant when I held him outside of a forty story drop after already throwing his diminutive cousin from said window." - David Daniel Steiner
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Detroit Giovanni crest.png
  • Great x7 Grandsire: Cappadocious †
  • Great x6 Grandsire: Japheth Cappadocious †
  • Great x5 Grandsire: Constancia †
  • Great x4 Grandsire: Ambrogino Giovanni
  • Great x3 Grandsire: Lucretia Giovanni
  • Great x2 Grandsire: Agostino Giovanni
  • Great Grandsire: Cesare Giovanni
  • Grandsire: Lodovico Giovanni
  • Sire: Carmina Giovanni

Known Childer

Known Grand-Childer


Known Associates


Information Known by Kindred Society


Palazzo del Giovanni, on Lake Isabella

1956 – Salvatore D’Angelo Giovanni is born in Detroit, Michigan and grows up in the wealthy neighborhood of Palmer Woods.
1980 – Salvatore graduates magna cum laude with a Masters in Business Administration from Wayne State University.
April 4, 1986 – Salvatore is Embraced by Carmina Giovanni at a family gathering on Cape Cod.
1989 – Agostino Giovanni, a clan elder from the old country, moves to the United States. Salvatore does the legwork preparing for his arrival and runs afoul of Peter Legba.
1990 – Salvatore is released by his sire and moves from New Orleans back to Detroit. There he helps set up his broodmate, Albert Milliner, as the dominant corn producer in the midwest.
1992-1994 - Salvatore travels back and forth between Detroit and Chicago to conduct business before Chicago's court collapses under attacks from lupines and the Sabbat.
1995 – Salvatore moves to Mt. Pleasant and purchases an estate on Lake Isabella.
1996 – Salvatore purchases Mt. Pleasant Community Hospital and renames it St. Anthony Medical Center. As “Marcello Giovanni”, he operates the clinic as the night shift administrator and sells blood to Kindred in need.
1997 – Salvatore purchases a funeral home close to St. Anthony. He and Titus Milliner expose a cabal of Ventrue in Mt. Pleasant conspiring with a Setite elder and worshiping Set, clearing the Giovanni of allegations of criminal activity.
1998 – Salvatore's cousin, Paul Milliner, becomes his ghoul. “Cousin Pauli” takes care of minor chores, drives Salvatore's car, and has only ever been heard referring to him as “Mr. Giovanni”.
2002 – Salvatore brokers a deal with Prince Silas Wardell of Louisville, Kentucky, securing the Giovanni Clan’s exemption from registering their Necromancy within his domain.
2005 – With Prince Mircea’s truce with the lupines falling apart, Salvatore works with the city’s Hound, Rick to provide healthy prostitutes delivered to the havens of the city’s Kindred for feeding while they lay low.
2006 – Salvatore commissions Spencer to paint a reproduction of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo's Neptune Bestowing Gifts Upon Venice (Craft [painting] x5, Specialization: Recreations).
2011 – Salvatore pays a visit to Grand Rapids after the city’s court is devastated by a Sabbat raid. While there, a pack of shovelheads unearths itself in a cemetery and its members begin feeding off of each other. Salvatore accompanies a coterie of locals and other visitors from Mt. Pleasant to eliminate the threat and repair the breach in the Masquerade, attributing the cannibalistic behavior of the Sabbat vampires to consumption of “Bath Salts”.
2012 – Salvatore hosts an informal gathering for Mt. Pleasant's Kindred and some out-of-town guests at his estate, catered by Elizabeth Ann Astor. Partway through the evening’s festivities, Angelo Giovanni arrives with Salvatore's sister, Fiammetta, uninvited. The remainder of the gathering passes under awkward tension.
December, 2012 - Salvatore embraces Pietro Giovanni in New Orleans.
February, 2013 – Salvatore’s father Andre dies. Salvatore goes to Detroit to pay his respects and inherits the family house in Palmer Woods.
April, 2014 – Salvatore embraces Rosalie Giovanni in Detroit.
July 4, 2014 - Salvatore is betrayed and murdered by Angelo and his entire brood of traitors to the family.

Appearance and Personality

Don Salvatore Giovanni
Salvatore often dresses in a custom-tailored three-piece suit with a Giovanni family lapel pin and a pocket watch chain hanging from the waistcoat. He enjoys spending his time in night clubs or playing the piano, pool, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Baccarat. Ordinarily gregarious, always smiling and laughing, and a generous tipper, he likes to flaunt his wealth. As a member of the extravagantly wealthy and influential Giovanni family, he wanted for nothing and attended all the best schools with all the best teachers and all the best classmates with all the best parents.
He has a keen business sense and seldom offers his services without first bargaining over price. He received the Embrace as a reward for his ambition, potential, and service to the family. He moved to Mt. Pleasant in order to strike out on his own and to open up new financial markets in the capital of the Michigan Imperium.
When Salvatore is annoyed or agitated, he taps his foot rapidly and glances at his pocket watch. When really irritated, he pinches the bridge of his nose and curses fluently in Italian. If something doesn’t go right for him, he falls into a depressed slump for a few days before getting very excited over new business prospects.
He particularly hates Setites for helping the Ventrue in Mt. Pleasant in their attempts to defame the Giovanni, and resents Cathayans and mortal Asians in general for their impact on the American economy and criminal competition with Triads and Yakuza during the 1980s.

Information Known by Clan Giovanni

June 4, 1956 – Salvatore D’Angelo Giovanni is born to Andre and Donatella Giovanni, at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. When Salvatore is still very young, Andre begins negotiating his son’s eventual “promotion”.
May 4, 1960 – Salvatore’s brother Giorgio is born.
April 4, 1966 – Salvatore’s sister, Fiammetta, is born.
1970 – Fiametta witnesses Salvatore lose his virginity to second cousin Natasha Rosselini at a family reunion on Cape Cod.
1974 – Salvatore graduates from Catholic Central High School and enters Wayne State University. He double-majors in Business and Hospital Administration, pledges Alpha Sigma Phi, and joins the fencing team.
1976 – Salvatore accidentally strangles a girl to death while having kinky sex in his fraternity house. Angelo Giovanni is sent to cover it up and actually recommends Salvatore for the Proxy Kiss.
1978 – Salvatore graduates cum laude and begins graduate studies.
1980 – Salvatore graduates magna cum laude with a Masters in Business Administration.
1981 – Salvatore fathers a child with Fiammetta, which their parents foist on Giorgio, forcing him to marry and claim the child as his own, so that they can continue to excel and earn the Proxy Kiss, at Giorgio's expense.
1983 – Salvatore is given the Proxy Kiss by Arturo Putanesca, a smalltime loan shark and cocaine dealer. Salvatore does the books for him, both the legitimate and the illegitimate sets. After several months, Arturo gets Salvatore’s hands dirty; he's put to work as a leg-breaker, shaking people down for loan payments. He commits his first premeditated murder, beating a man to death with a baseball bat for defaulting on his debts, and on October 31st, participates in a number of Devil's Night arsons. His violent crimes committed in Arturo’s service see him occasionally arraigned at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice; however, he never goes to trial thanks to the efforts of his lawyer, Annamarie Giovanni.
1984Vittoria Giovanni is ordered by her domitor, Alessandro di Salvatore Giovanni, to acquire an occult artifact. She discovers a manuscript fragment containing a map with the artifact’s location currently being held in Detroit. Vittoria approaches Arturo Putanesca, who assigns Salvatore to arrange for the manuscript’s burglary.
1987 – Witnessing an argument between Angelo and Carmen firsthand, Salvatore develops his dislike for Angelo Giovanni.
1990 – Salvatore takes a position with the Provveditori ai beni inculti in Detroit.
1992 – Salvatore buys up a surplus of cheap assault weapons flooding into the United States after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He sells them to anonymous, interested parties in Chicago, no questions asked as to their intended use.
1997 - Salvatore is formally declared Don by the court of Detroit.
1998 - Monica Giovanni begins tutoring Salvatore in hand-to-hand combat, taking him on as a sparring partner.
2002 – Carmen asks Salvatore to travel to Louisville, Kentucky, to take over negotiations from his broodmate, Thomas Giovanni and secure the Giovanni Clan’s exemption from registering their Necromancy within the domain of Prince Silas Wardell.
2004 - Nicholas Giovanni leads Salvatore on an expedition into the Shadowlands.

Character Soundtrack


Complete playlist - Salvatore Giovanni

I Won't Back Down - Johnny Cash

Well, I won't back down, no I won't back down
You can stand me up at the gates of Hell
But I won't back down

Money - Pink Floyd

New car, caviar, four star daydream
Think I'll buy me a football team

The Good Life - Three Days Grace

I don't really know who I am
It's time for me to take a stand
I need a change and I need it fast
I know that any day could be the last

Our Day Will Come - Waldeck

Our day will come
And we'll have everything
We'll share the joy
Falling in love can bring
No one can tell me that I'm to young to know
I love you so
And you love me (love me so)

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independents
City: Mt. Pleasant, MI
Player: Tyler H
Storyteller: Jayson T

Player: Tyler H

MES Number: US2012030108

Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI

Disclaimer: The player of this character holds final approval authority over all content that appears in this article.