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Marlow timeline.png

Chapel dot sm.png ????-???? — Hell.
Chapel dot sm.png 0711-1492 — Madrid, Spain.
Chapel dot sm.png 1494-1500 — Nice, France.
Chapel dot sm.png 1562-1598 — Paris, France.
Chapel dot sm.png 1641-1653 — Dublin, Ireland.
Chapel dot sm.png 1662-1700 — Salem, Massachusetts.
Chapel dot sm.png 1801-1868 — London, England.
Chapel dot sm.png 1869-1879 — Vatican City.
Chapel dot sm.png 1888-1890 — London, England.
Chapel dot sm.png 1900-1929 — New York City, New York.
Chapel dot sm.png 1987-2014 — Atlanta, Georgia.

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The entity known as 'Samael' has adopted many names throughout his seemingly limitless existence. Most recently an English attorney from the early 1800s, the Demon (though it would scowl at the word) has an undeniable air of aristocracy that never finds itself embracing Hosts of any mundane bent. Electing only to deal with the truly exceptional, the origins of this potent Demon of questionable Vice-affiliations are somewhat shrouded in mystery. To hear him speak of his origins is to hear a tale from before the Fall of Man--a tale whereupon Lucifer's legions were only one of a small division within Heaven who desired to break from the Rule of the Almighty. Citing 'the utterance of the First Lie from pristine lips' as his date of birth, the Demon is known to claim near-Babylonian origins.

Marlow Traits.png
Rsz 1snake in apple fs.jpg Chapel dot sm.png Marlow is ever immaculately attired, favoring three piece suits as his clothing of choice.
Chapel dot sm.png Marlow is a known philanthropist, giving millions of dollars a year to various charities.
Chapel dot sm.png Marlow stands as the Chief Executive Officer of the mysterious organization known as 'the Samaritan Group'.
Chapel dot sm.png Marlow has been known to refer to Roux as "Mother". Openly.
Chapel dot sm.png Marlow is known to make his home inside the Queen Tower within the King & Queen Tower Citadel.

In the modern day, the demon Samael makes his home within the active CEO of the Samaritan Group. As much a Division within the Accord as an active corporation, the Samaritan Group has seemingly limitless resources and "a department for every need". Marlow stands as the company's chief figurehead, a prominent investor and the de-facto attorney for any legal needs (or trials) that face and impact the company directly. In his "free time" Marlow is known to be somewhat of a jet-setting playboy--never spending more than a few nights in any one major city. Some whisper that his constant travel is an indication of some sort of traumatic flaw preventing the demon from resting too long in one place...but you know what they say about rumors.

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Chapel dot sm.png "They say pride goeth before the fall. Perhaps they are correct...but at least the Fall is enjoyable the whole way down."Samuel Marlow
Chapel dot sm.png i am not sure whether i am disturbed or bemused by your apparent lack of the understanding of the sarcasm. i have been told you are a lawyer, and thus i must assume you are employing charm. it is possible that you are succeeding.F1R3W@LL
Chapel dot sm.png "Every time they gave me my one phone call, it was always to him. I haven't been in that kind of trouble for awhile. Now, it's a whole helluva different mess of shit. But in my worst moments, he's still my one phone call."Cora Kirkwood
Chapel dot sm.png "Awful fucker wot thinks 'e'll get wote'er 'e wants if 'e bends 'is words jus' right. 'e'll get more 'n 'e bargained for - jus' give it time..."Sybil Grey
Chapel dot sm.png "He might actually be the origin of Trouble."Striker
Chapel dot sm.png "Does he really think that money will fix everything? I'd hate to be there the day his checkbook fails him."Dea Tacita
Chapel dot sm.png "Nice Fellow. I like him sso much in fact that I would introduce him to the ball of radiation I can conjure in my fisht. That'ss a nice parting gift, right?"Icarus Sphere
Chapel dot sm.png "It is surprising to see how different he is from all the vicious commentary out there. But perhaps I am merely the fool who has been drawn in. And if it turns out I am such? It is a beautiful and masterful work of art even the fool can appreciate."Danica Barrows
Chapel dot sm.png "Never again."Cora Kirkwood
Chapel dot sm.png "I saw a guy who claimed to be an angel. I am sad I didn't think to check if they really are all ken dolls down there."Shade

Marlow ooc.png

Samuel Marlow

Player: V.C.
Venue: Accord
Creature Type: Angel
Division: Samaritan Group
Division Status: 5
Accord Status: 5
Domain: Atlanta, GA
VST: Atlanta DST Wade J.

Milton from the film The Devil's Advocate
Satan from the epic poem Paradise Lost

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