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San Francisco Requiem

San Francisco Requiem City History

San Francisco Requiem Settings Guide

Court Officers of San Francisco

Prince: Alexander Covington

Herald: The Monitor

Harpy: Alexandra Steele

Senechal: Javier Roblos

Sheriff: Lachlan McMillan

Master of Elysium: Alejandro Barossa

Hound: Angus Black

Prisci of San Francisco

Daeva: Rindi Cole

Gangrel: Todd Carpenter

Mekhet: Anthony Skinner

Nosferatu: Sue Night

Ventrue: Maria Cardoza

Citizens of San Francisco and City Status

Admired (Status *****)

Respected (Status **** )

Valued (Status *** )

Recognized (Status **)

Sir Christopher
Shang Tsao

Acknowledged (Status *)

Non Citizens (Status 0)

Banished, Exiled or Blood Hunted (Status 0)

  • Mark- Banished for attempting to pay his taxes through his zipper.

Notable Groups

Surrounding Areas

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