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Situated beneath Austin Street and just northwest of Discovery Green, Sanctuary was once the primary Elysium of the Houston Domain. The massive 650,000 square foot underground Citadel is known to have been crafted by The Makers, a trio of Elder Nosferatu who carved out the epic chambers during the creation of the sprawling Houston Warrens(1). Sanctuary was introduced to the city in the spring of 2014, although casual inspection quickly reveals its construction is the product of centuries of work. Intended as a neutral meeting place for guests of the Nosferatu Clan, Sanctuary was offered up as Elysium after the breaking of Jones Hall in early 2014. Formally proclaimed Elysium during the Gather of July 12th 2014 at midnight by former Seneschal and acting Prince Yves Rochefort. Sanctuary was placed into the hands of Miss Lillian Lane of Clan Toreador, Houston’s Keeper of Elysium. After the Winter Solstice Praxis Seizure of 2014, Mazhar Uzun of Clan Nosferatu was made Keeper by Prince Ammarah. As of the Maker's departure from Houston in 2015, the last known keeper was Dirt Nasty of Clan Nosferatu. Dirt Nasty has since been executed by Prince emeritus Walter Rook, and Sanctuary is sealed until it can be redeveloped under the auspices of Clan Nosferatu for their EXCLUSIVE use.

Sanctuary was not only chosen for its inherent security but also for its beauty and inspiration. A massive Grand Hall of carved pillars invites the imagination with what appears to be an open view of the Houston nightscape slowly turning overhead, even though the structure is approximately 10 stories belowground. The entire floor of the Grand Hall is covered with surface-etched glass, covering a slowly turning pool of fresh water only a few inches deep. The illusion of sky above and water below creates a soothing atmosphere that one would certainly not expect to encounter so far beneath the surface of the city. A soft breeze blows continuously through the hall providing fresh air and depending on the evening a faint scent of the open desert, an orange grove, a pine forest, or the open sea. Indeed the permutations seem almost endless, and an individual experience of Sanctuary is rarely ever repeated.

Set off from the Grand Hall are a multitude of alcoves of varying sizes. Each alcove has been carefully crafted to represent a period in cultural history or an artistic vision. These alcoves provide an ease of private meeting spaces for those requiring such intimacies. Some of the alcoves remain empty, tabula rasa for an inspired Kindred of appropriate station willing to bring their arts and skills to bear for the good of the city.
As Elysium, Sanctuary is open to all Kindred, although access must of course be coordinated through the Keeper to ensure the safety of all. It is known that the Primogen and Praxis of the city possess Keys that grant access to Sanctuary. As a precautionary measure access, is most often facilitated through a clan’s Primogen, or if lacking representation a member of the court or the Keeper himself. There are several access points within the six square blocks of Sanctuary, and those with the appropriate entrance codes are able to utilize these elevators to make their way down to one of these opulent sitting rooms which serve as foyers. Arched doorways lead into short corridors which open on to the main hall of Sanctuary.
Generous contributions by Kindred from Houston and her sister city of Austin have brought The Arts to Sanctuary in a way commonly unseen outside the walls of a museum. The Grand Hall and alcoves are home to expressions of art ranging through painting, statuary, water sculpture, antique artifacts, rare books and musical composition. In rare cases, entire alcoves have been dedicated and reshaped to display the art of exceptionally talented Kindred who call Houston their home.

Each season, a new culturally significant Collection can always be found on display in the Grand Hall, on loan from various global institutions at the behest of Sanctuary’s many benefactors. Sponsored by individual Kindred, Clans and visiting luminaries, These seasonal unveilings are often a cause for a celebratory gather serving to cement the feeling of cooperation and solidarity within the Domain of Houston.


In addition to an abundance of original artworks, the many reproductions displayed in Sanctuary were produced by some of the finest working artists in classical Europe, and date from the same time period as the originals.

Those who hold Keys to Sanctuary, often simply referred to as “Keys” themselves, are permitted to enter Sanctuary at any time using their Keys for access. Any who accompany these Keys are considered to be under the Auspice of the Key holder and are granted the same freedom of access as the Keys. Those who do not possess Keys, or are not under the Auspice of a Key, must deal with the Keeper or their appointed representatives in order to enter Sanctuary. This system exists solely to prevent violation of the sacred grounds of Elysia.

Known Keyholders

NOTE: These keys no longer function
The Makers
Einhardt Wagner
Clé deMontes
Members of the Primogen Council

Cistern panoramic.jpg

Even though it sits several stories below ground, there are several methods that can be utilized to contact Sanctuary's Keeper of Elysium:

• Email: [fictional address, click for email link]
• Earthbound Messengers: Mortal retainers or grounded animal messengers can be sent to the foyers or sitting rooms that lead to Sanctuary in order to leave a message or communicate with those who serve the Elysium.
• Aerial Messengers: Airborne messengers such as birds, Gargoyles, octocopters and flying squirrels (one way) can deposit messages in a narrow (6” diameter) concealed pipe near the Discovery Green entrance.


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Russian Salon (16th Century)
Arabian Alcove (11th Century)
Poseidon’s Paradise
French Alcove (18th Century)
English Tea Room (19th Century)
Adriatic Atrium


Three Graces (Clan Nosferatu)
Amarrah’s Eyes (Harpy Forbes)
Niqab by desert winds-d56xlhx.jpg
Flaming June (Original – On loan through 2016)

(1) Entire structure created with Crafts 5 (Architecture).

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