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Character Information

Name: Nina SantaAna Weir

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Airtouched & Waterborne

Mantle: Winter •••

Entitlement: Knighthood of the Utmost Silence

Physical Description

Mask: Nina's blonde -almost white- hair is usually messy; sticking out in different directions as if she just finished wrestling someone. She is often seen wearing an military-esq jacket and a wispy dress to cover her waif-like frame. Apart from the jacket, she is usually wears light weight clothing which catches in the wind. Her demeanor, coupled with her light-grey eyes, seems tractable and meek.

Mien: Nina looks as though the wind has become, in part, opaque. While some areas seem whole, others seem to blown away and reform before your very eyes. Never quite seeming whole, but never all the way gone. Her hair and clothing constant look as though she's caught in a fierce windstorm, blowing every which way. More so than any other part, her mouth seems always blown away by the wind, only reforming for a moment before being wiped away again. Though recently the wind that makes up Nina as taken on misty , or wet feel. Looking more like a typhoon or a hurricane . In recent nights Nina looks different. Somehow more ethereal, angelic and other worldly..more like one of them.

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2, Sublime merit, birthday is Nov. 13 (appropriately enough kindness day)

Those Known




Martin Husband, Motley Mate and oldest friend


Savannah, Motley mate and closest friend

DJ Radix


Cordelia One of her best friends and fellow Knight of the Utmost Silence

John Thinks of him like a brother

Olympia One of Nina's closest friends

What They Say

"SantaAna is one of the most upright and honest Changelings you will ever meet. She is sincere, strong, and not afraid to stand up for her beliefs. She is a kindred spirit and I will go to great lengths to defend her and keep her from harm. Challenge her at your own peril." - Professor Mercury

"The last guy to threaten her is ash, gently floating on the breeze. That was a warning shot." - Martin Weir

"She's pack, what more do I need to say" - Randall Wolf

"She's a nice person. Too bad she thinks she needs to be ashamed of her home because of some bad apples." - Cas Winchester

"Nina is one of my dearest and oldest friends in this world. I knew her when we were taken, and I found her again when I was newly returned. Spending time with her is like coming home." - Savannah Brown

"She's cool. I've mostly just met her online but she can be funny. She also doesn't seem to mind being up front, so I don't have to beat around the bush or be over-polite asking a question. Refreshing, considering we have so much riddle-speak in general!" - DJ Radix

"Martin likes her, John likes her, and I like her. If you got a problem with her, you'd better fuck off. We've killed people for less." - Lucifer Winchester

"She's too quick to take the faults of others onto herself. I've killed for her before. I will do it again if I must." - *Kage*

"I gave her clarity in hopes that she would stop knocking over my skin milk. It has continued. I think I gave her the wrong kitten. I just hope its not Mr. Piss" - Ammon Lu

"She's the sort of person that you meet and think 'I really hope that we'll end up being best friends.' - Elise

"I like her, she is kind to me and has always had my back. You hurt her and I'll rip you into little pieces and scatter your remains in the Hedge. Are we clear?" - Jack Daniels

"She was probably one of my best friends. I hope she still is, cause I'd really fucking hate to be on her bad side." - Cordelia Cane

"I think she bribes me with Harry Potter stuff so that I don't notice that she's turning into a better fighter than me. I'm onto you Nina. Just that a Firebolt?" - John Vimes

"Some people you never forget no matter how far from the beginning you get." - Cass aka Jesse Quinn

"She's sweet, not just endearing, but genuine. In one breath, you can earn or lose more to your life as a Lost with her. I hope you don't choose the option of misery." - Olympia

Add your own!


Terrified of people

Is completely useless

Was Red's Boss

Is a bit of a Martyr

Goes out of her way to be friendly with everyone.

Loves bacon

NO. She is afraid of pigs

Is a bit unstable...dont push her

Will only listen to Martin Weir

Enjoys the company of Wolves.

This girl has a dark streak .

Has Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to Professor Mercury

Is always playing the peace keeper

Has a habit of picking up strays.

For someone so meek , she sure hangs around with the rough and scary types

Hates bullies , and in her own skittish way will stand up to them.

Is unwaveringly kind.

Collects vinyl records

Can play Martin Weir like a two dollar banjo.
That's $1.99 more than she needs, though.

Was the inspiration for the MLP Fluttershy

Thinks of herself as a pretty pretty Princess

Once had a nice stew dinner with a True Fae.

Plotting to destroy all of Martin's former girlfriends

Is a boiling pot of rage

Secretly a summer courtier deep under cover

She seems sweet, but deep down, she's scary.

Needs to learn to appreciate a mug of hot cocoa made from scratch.

She and Cordelia have agreed to share Martin Weir

Nina drank something and it changed her

The LNM are trying to kidnap Nina.

Has a slug as a pet.


OOC Information

Player: Corissa D

MES Number: US2006037622

Location: CA-051-D

Direct Storyteller: Vern