Sara Kuar

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"Death is not the end, but the beginning of new life."

In the Eyes of a Goddess


Other Names: Sara Kuar
Nick Names: Dark Jewel of the South, The Matriarch, The Black Queen, The Red Witch, The Lady in Red
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Amara Havana
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Position: Rex Nemorensis of the South East, Matriarch of House Kuar, Matriarch of the Graceful Family

It has been said that the last salvation of man lies within the golden eye of the setting sun. The golden eyes of Lady Sara Kuar offer no absolution but only the Mother's Truth. Rumored to have been worshiped as a living goddess in the Hindu lands of Southeast Asia – Lady Kuar has traveled from the jungles of the Asian continent to the Southwestern desert of North America to the emerald forests of Southern Alabama. Where ever she travels, she brings the both the knowledge of the ancient world and her own regal sensuality known only to the blood of the Daeva. In these modern nights – Lady Kuar stands as the Oracle for the Circle of the Crone within the South East Region. Though the glittering lights of Atlanta are far from this Elder Daeva’s spiced jungles – make no mistake that it is her home and defends it as a sovereign should.

Notable Features: Striking Looks 4, Gold Eyes, Always in red or black, usually has gloves on.