Sarah Wells

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Apocalypse PC

Player: NPC
Character: Sarah Wells
Breed: Kinfolk
Tribe: Glasswalker
Domain: MA-003-D
VST: Laura D

Character Information

Name: Sarah Wells

Hacker Alias: Sudo

Breed: Kinfolk

Pure Breed:

Pack associated with: Bastahd Children of Southie


Sept: Sept of the Eagle's Talons

Sarah Wells

Notable Traits

Donned in hipster glasses, skinny jeans, tight tee, and a blazer jacket, Sarah can be the epitome of hipster.


Destined to be a model, Sarah went against the grain of society and decided to be a hacker instead.


Laid back and quirky, Sarah is rarely seen without a smile on her face. She's always one for a sense of humor.


Sarah resides in Watertown in a flat.

Sarah Loft.jpg

Somewhere hidden is her infamous computer room.

Computer room.jpg


  • Sarah Wells is not her real name.
  • She has so many aliases that she can't remember her real name.


  • "Danger Will Robertson...danger." - Sarah