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"Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent


A Humble Rosebud

Photo: Martin Chamberlain
Retouching: Renee Ritchie

I neither know nor have met Miss Scarlett Thorne, to the best of my knowledge. But her correspondence is restrained, polite, and reasonable. She is gently-spoken; both in her defense of a Symbel which she herself found unengaging, but also in her deflection of Prince emeritus Alaric’s aggravation, coaxing his negative behavior towards constructive ends. My impression is that she is clever, calculating, and courteous; rather ideal for our race.
- Captain Sawyer doing a cold read based on a few paragraphs of text

Scarlett Thorne is an Ancilla Toreador currently residing in San Francisco, California. She was Embraced in 1950, and after her sire, Sterling, went into torpor in the 1960s, she spent a great deal of time with her grandsire, Lilly Belle, assisting her with executing her designs. Scarlett's tailoring skills ensure that a client's clothes have a perfect fit for whatever purpose they serve.

She is normally quite pleasant to talk to, and is not afraid to speak her mind or express her intelligence, which gets her in trouble. When the opportunity is just too ripe to pass up, she cannot help but release a witty (if unkind) zinger. Heaven forbid you catch her when her hands are not occupied with something to create or fidget with.

  • Matriarch of House Thorne
  • Didaskalos of An Accounting for Taste (wiki under construction and guild recruiting members!)
  • Former Primogen of the Rose in San Francisco (March 2014-June 2015)
  • Former Talon of San Francisco under Arden (August 2015-May 2016)
  • Participant in the 2014 San Francisco Domain Ugly Sweater Contest (no winner declared)
  • Sponsor of the Kindred Chess Symbel on February 28, 2015 (Victor: Thomas Edwin Thayne)
  • Organizer/Hostess/Judge of A Symbel for Elders in October 2015 (yes, as an ancilla) (Victor: Alexis DuChamp)
  • Competitor in the 2016 Twelfth Night martial demonstration in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Sponsor of the Spring Planting Symbel in April 2016 intended to improve the quality of life of the kine in various feeding territories in San Francisco (Victor: Aurélie Céleste Fortescue)
  • Sponsor of the Read A Motherfucking Book Symbel in July 2016 intended to foment literary discussion around the Kindred condition (Victor: Orpheus, with a monologue from Ray Bradbury's "Pillar of Fire")
  • Hostess of A Kind of Magic, the final party of Carnivale

Thorns and Blossoms

The only thing worse than being talked about...

  • "There are ways to hurt someone that go far beyond mere physical wounds. Scarlett's words can be a force for creation or destruction, in equal measures." Mors
  • "This particular blossom serves as a reminder that some roses show no thorns at all, yet just the same are capable of piercing the skin." - Arden
  • "Although our differences are quite numerous I do enjoy the lady's company, more then I can say for most."- Zachariah White
  • "In an urban jungle such as ours, it is quite a relief to see the roses arise from the concrete. Stone may be strong, but the determination of roots coming through the cracks is worth admiring. Beauty such as hers always finds a way to flourish." Danielle Ropchan
  • "Such a warm welcome from a marvelous example of our Clan." - Thaddeus Montrose
  • "My cousin is admired for many good reasons. She's patient, kind, and knows when you're lying to her. She can be as gentle as a kitten and as predatory as a tiger. Treat her well, her roots go deep and not all of us are as patient as she." - Duke Sterling
  • "I will admit to oft times evaluating people on the basis of what I am willing to do for them. Scarlett is one of the rare few where I am left to wonder, what would I not do for her? I have yet to discover an answer to that question." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "She is everything I could hope for in an Ancillae: wise enough to not make the critical mistakes that would doom her, and capable making of just the right sorts of mistakes to draw ones attention. She is a delight, a creature with space enough to grow and strength enough to do it." - Rafael Hernandez
  • "My beloved Scarlett, only this kind of perfection could be chosen by my darling Sterling. It was a privilege to train her and she has gone beyond my wildest dreams for her." ~ Lilly Belle Stafford Thorne
  • "Bitch, I will wreck anyone that comes for Scarlett! She's more than family to me and you don't want to cross both of us." - Gabriel Thorne
  • "Just because she represents beauty, poise, and all great things in humanity; does not mean one should mistake her actions as to being made out of naivety. To gain her full attentions is a blessing, but make sure it is not the brambles of this rose you entice." - Feodor Krasny
  • "Everything I've ever wanted I've only ever wanted because I wanted.. she makes me yearn, beg, plead, obsess, crave, hanker, fancy, long, demand, desire, wish, need, require. And it's more than skin deep. " - Hestia
  • "Her existence... Ah, it gives me hope for the future." - Sebastien de Bourbon
  • "Excellent at her craft. Even more excellent at conversation. Were we closer in proximity, I would certainly fear for anyone that had the audacity to be dull or boorish in our presence." Nicholas Loring
  • "If they kill me it will be because they are jealous of how I look in this fine shirt you made me." Last Thing Archer Thorne said to Scarlett before leaving for Conclave.
  • "A real classy dame and looker to boot." Jack "JD" Duke
  • "Such a gift for cut and color and drape. She can put immense subtleties across with a simple twitch of fabric; an art form that is titillating, elegant and ultimately ephemeral. Which of course, makes me want to peel back layers and see what I find." - Benedict
  • "I have it under good authority that they *are* that large that it affects my ability to walk. Why exactly a Toreador is watching me twigs and berries is beyond me - but I certainly will have to add a little extra to the 'show' if I know I have an audience. Otherwise, its just no fun dancing alone in the dark." - Swagger
  • "I saw her for the first time in 30 years recently. She looks good, very good." ~ Serena Montgomery
  • "She helps you slip into vanity." - June
  • "I had the fortune to be able to guide Miss Thorne along her path, to provide those lessons of our society that smooth the way for success. I am happy, and proud, to see those lessons have been taken to heart and how she has become a role model in her own right." - Marc de Savoye
  • "Ms. Thorne was simply radiant. She puts on a great show and brightens up the room." - Edward Porter
  • "Ms. Thorne is not at all what I was expecting. I had only read her musings over the CamNet and I expected this fire-cracker of a woman. Now this is not at all to say that Ms. Thorne disappointed, she was all beauty, grace, and gentility, but when she spoke there was something just under the surface. Boiling. I think I'm glad that we have the CamNet for Kindred to be able to speak a little bit more freely than in person, because I would honestly be terrified (and slightly intrigued) to see what would happen if what I saw just beneath Ms. Thorne's beautiful surface be allowed to spill forth. - Matthew Alright
  • "What an enchanting specimen of what it means to be of the clan of the Rose. A delight to be around, and more than intelligent enough to keep this old Viking engaged in delightful conversation." - Volünd Lodinson
  • "Scarlett is absolutely delightful and her talent for design and eye for fashion is unrivaled. Her clothes are the only ones THIS princess deems fit to wear." - Angelique DuMont (Princess of Montenegro)
  • "Such a pretty voice - and such good taste as well. It's aways nice when we roses can rise above our differences of belief in the appreciation and celebration of beauty and talent." - Madeleine Celeste (Ambassador of Abbotsford))
  • "Words don't do her any justice at all. Our time together was far too brief." - Dezi
  • "The only woman who could tear me down." - Johnny Rocket, overhead in Las Vegas
  • "I think a few of my companions were surprised to see how pleased I was to see Scarlet, but not nearly so surprised as to how warmly she greets me. I should see if she dabbles in designing hoodies." - Claire
  • "I'm not a Jealous man. She's free to frolic but my heart belongs to her, so if you hurt her I'll put you in the fucking ground." - Lucas Knight
  • "She has a great deal on her mind, that one. And a master of the distraction. Be mindful though, she has many guardians." - Abraham Tully
  • "My goal is say something scandalous to her, but have her let it slide due to my obnoxious charm." Danny McManus
  • "Perhaps one of my favorite Toreador I have met. Genuine and warm are not words I often get to use to describe a Kindred. But that truly is Scarlett Thorne." - Reading Gaol
  • "One of the few Roses I can stand for more than five minutes. Just remember when you open your mouth to her that she has more friends than you may like to think... Take that how you will." - Lexi von Jaeger
  • "I have the utmost respect for kindred of intellect, wit, grace, poise, and talent. Miss Thorne is an exemplar of each. She speaks truth to power, proving that she is far braver than the mindless thugs who blindly follow orders and charge into battles they do not comprehend. Pens and swords. Pens and swords." - Midas Madison
  • "It's probably a good thing we haven't been able to play the banter game. I do so hate the idea of falling in love." - Jayne Joyce
  • "What can be said about her that hasn't already be said? Only this, I consider her a friend." - Amos Locke
  • "She's the matron of a very noble and prestigious Toreador house. And an apt name, too. For only a rose can so easily calm the heart and the soul, while at the same time, be barbed enough to piece flesh at even the gentlest touch. I count myself fortunate enough to have viewed the garden - but that's where it ends. For my benefit more than anything." - Ethan Sullivan
  • "It is a rare Kindred who can wear a white dress better than I do. Given the rate at which I seem to ruin them, I will be seeking her fashion counsel for the foreseeable future." - Maria Aigner
  • "Si seulement je pouvais trouver un moyen faire cette épine me piquer..." - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "The skill with which her pieces are constructed inspires me to find a way to procure her services for myself." - Lucas Ebonwood
  • "A playful little white angel in a sea of horny devils. Or is she? Her style is fabulous either way. She teases with the best of us Roses and her thorns are just as sharp. I think I will enjoy her company in the years to come. Oh! And don't forget my pictures darling!" - Robyn Remington
  • "Her legendary reputation seems hardly adequate for this one. As she dances upon the water, I do wonder if she can feel the current underneath." - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "Such potential: intelligence, wit, will and ability. Time will tell if she can rise above the... situations... in which she seems to frequently find herself entangled." - Antonia Orsini
  • "She was both more beautiful and more interesting than her dress, and if you don't think that's a helluva compliment, it's only because you didn't see the fucking dress." - Uncle GiGi
  • "In startling contrast to most other Ancillae of the Rose, she was not immediately forgetful. In point of fact, I should rather enjoy more of her company. Perhaps, in a rare deviation from English stylings, I shall even secure her tailoring services at some point." - Earl Stedman Harrington
  • "Scarlett's a good friend. She's had mine and other people's back when we needed it most. In addition to that, she's helped me tailor up my duster after all these years. She's an A+ in my book." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "While the theme of the party may not have been to my liking, there is something to be said for true quality craftsmanship. That scale dress was nothing less than amazing." - Grace Miller
  • "Finally one who is a wizard with fabric as much as with words. Perhaps one day she'll let me represent her. I do love making the press sing...!" - Bella Rossellini
  • "Even from where I sit, I see her. A thorne will always be a thorn and perhaps she will rise enough to be simply a rose." -Constance Fournier
  • "Somewhere, deep in my memory, I know the ancient ways. I find myself drawn by a deep seeded 'urge,' an urge so powerful that I don't even question it, or fight it. I long for it, and that urge calls to me, more than death in battle or the halls of Valhalla. That urge is Scarlett." - Volünd Lodinson
  • "Ms. Thorne is a bit like a tropical storm, in Puerto Rico. We're never quite sure when she will blow into town, but she leaves memories in her wake." - , overheard in San Juan
  • "Oh yes, she is pretty to look at, but her tongue is as sharp as my claws." - Serratus
  • "I myself have a particular love of improvised weaponry. I though I'd seen it all... I've never before seen a roller skate wielded used so effectively." - Mac_The_Mouth
  • "I think I preferred when I was on my knees, with my head in her skirts." - Jayne Joyce not being talked about.

  • Someone despised Scarlett enough to put her in torpor back in 1990.
    • And she has no idea who it is.
  • Scarlett has vowed never to Embrace.
  • Scarlett has a thing for Ishtarri. Or harpies? Or is it Ishtarri harpies? I forget.
  • Scarlett's talents with needle and thread have surpassed her grandsire's.
    • And everyone else's.
  • Scarlett frequently walks out of private meetings with Arden at public Kindred gatherings with disheveled clothing, JBF hair, and the biggest shit-eating grin ever.
  • Occam didn't voluntarily retreat from San Francisco society. Scarlett has him in torpor in her basement.
  • Danielle Ropchan is Scarlett's best friend.
  • In a recent visit to Los Angeles, Abraham Tully locked Scarlett and Lucas Knight in a VIP room in the local night club Elysium until the Prince got attacked.
  • A dress Scarlett created in a study of color and perspective went viral.
  • Lucas Knight threw a shoe at Scarlett in Los Angeles to dissuade Austin Rivers from pursuing her.
    • The throw was a bit half-hearted, though, so did he really mean it?
  • Scarlett was forced out of the primogen seat.
    • But not by a member of her own clan and oddly, not via prestation either.
  • What exactly is she doing on those visits to Odessa, anyway?
  • In Scarlett's various travels, one of her hosts was rather grumpy that she wore a dress that encouraged relaxation. So she took it off right then and there.
    • Her host was far less grumpy after that for some reason.
  • Scarlett actually has Embraced. Her childe, Lucas Knight, put her in torpor and fled to the Brujah.
  • Scarlett is no longer creating items that inspire lust.
  • Scarlett is systematically visiting all the enemies of her family on purpose. What that purpose is, no one can say.
  • Scarlett called out an enemy to 80 of her closest friends. He was dead within a week.
  • Her boon logs are a who's-who of Kindred society.
    • Too bad most of those boons are boons she owes others.
  • Her tailoring clients range from rank neonates to the Imperator himself. Her current patron has forced her to be a bit pickier in recent nights, however.
  • She tried to supplant Arden, but failed pretty miserably. However, her attempt has made him more active in his role once more, so there's that?
  • Scarlett's keyboard inflicts aggravated damage.
  • Scarlett has turned down a commission from a Justicar.
  • Scarlett is slowly diablerizing all the members of House Thorne that do her ill. Jimmy and Lilybelle are prime examples. California Jack is next on the chopping block, as well as her contemporary Wyatt Thorne.
  • Scarlett is secretly in charge of the entire Sabbat Crusade.
    • But not by choice.
  • When Scarlett is angry, the low buzzing around her is actually her fan breaking the sound barrier...
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A Fallen Petal or Two

  • "I'm like a good wardrobe: versatile, and when you have me, you look good." - in conversation with James Thorne
  • "And in the name of humanitas, I'll punish you!" - in conversation with Rafael Hernandez and Koka Oz in discussion about a certain guild...
  • "Johnston, here are my panties. They dropped when I read that. They clearly belong to you now." - in conversation with Johnston Forbes about troublesome elements
  • "Papa Jack is the original Thorne. He defined what a real Thorne is: a magnificent bastard devoted to his art, fiercely loyal to family (even when they don't deserve it), and lethal when you cross him. Don't you ever fucking forget that, or I will remind you with the heel of my shoe in your throat." - on family, and possibly on the verge of frenzy
  • "I have it on good authority that he's earned the name Swagger for a heavily related reason. When one's testicles are so massive, there is truly only one way to walk." - discussing Nosferatu cojones
  • "If we are to be shamed, let it not be for trying to devour our own, but for tearing our enemies asunder and fucking their paramours (the order of which is optional, according to personal tastes)." - in an address to family
  • "Thank you for not making the comment about how much nicer my art would look on your floor. I haven't had to deck someone for that in decades, and I'd like to keep it that way." - addressing the oldest joke in the book about her chosen art and profession
  • "Yes, I'm a mouthy ancilla. But you know I'm right." - chastising a bunch of elders for beating a dead horse
  • "Oh, that was just the sewing machine. It's a bit loud, but it's my baby. My sire said exactly the same thing about me back when I was just a fledgling." - to Inarius over the phone when he asked about that noise in the background
  • "Y'all are fucked." - to a cluster of neonates the night she was named talon
  • "It's officially a fetish. Silas Reese has been nominated four times. If anything, perhaps Mister Reese will get a bit of leather out of me for this in addition to the trivial boon." - relating to a Symbel with a rather popular nominee
  • "I assure you, darling, I have a highly refined sense of self-worth. I'm not quite to 'island' status. Yet." - in conversation with Edward Porter while he was trying to spoil her rotten
  • "Yes, if the sex is good enough." - when asked if she ever stops plotting
  • "Do you have a mailing address handy for Elder Gaol? If he thinks I am a whore and is unhappy with me, perhaps it's a mere customer service issue and he deserves a refund." - upon being told what Reading Gaol thinks of her after he gave her a rather thoughtful "gift"
  • "I display a general garment and you claim it's cut to your fit? What a fascinating revelation." - with absolutely no apologies to Frank Herbert
  • "God, no. Well, at least not intentionally. Why, do you think I should?" - when Luca asked her if she had been seducing Methuselahs
  • "Mama Lilly Belle gave me a copy to test me on my French. I don't think she expected me to be so shaken by it. I'm not entirely sure she read it herself until I asked her questions about why she would make me read a book about such a monster. She told me that this sort of detachment can frequently happen with Elders, and to keep this in mind, as it would make dealing with them easier. She was wrong. It never gets easier." - discussing Albert Camus' The Stranger with Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "Do not seek out power if you can help it. Do not get in the way of Elders, even when it is time to deal with the threats the Camarilla must face. Do not tell an Elder no. Do not show others that you can do an Elder's job better than they do. Do not offend them in the slightest, for they will crush you for so much as breathing wrong. Be quiet, keep your head down and your kneepads handy, and maybe you too will eventually become an Elder, with academic knowledge of the game, but little to no true practical knowledge. Remember, life begins at 300." - somewhat cynical advice to neonates and other ancilla
  • "Yes. You absolutely cannot get this sort of quality anywhere else in the world. If what I have been told is correct, only a Methuselah of our kind could do better. Princes and archons wear my work, and have paid for it, happily. The Imperator himself commissioned his robes of office from me. [...] Also, with what you have asked for, that garment may, in fact, save your life one night. It's one thing to throw something together with a commercially available pattern with fabric from Jo-Ann's. It's quite another when you're working with someone who ensures that her clients get nothing but the best. Made just for you. To your measurements. Fitting exactly how it is intended to fit, and being the best piece of clothing you will likely ever wear in the entirety of your existence." - when questioned about whether her work was worth the quoted price
  • "Cut me and I bleed Dior." - Scarlett's favorite line from American Horror Story: Hotel

Muses and Whole Cloth

Extending One's Leaves

Want some character ties? Feel free to contact me! Here are some ideas to get you going.

Note: Scarlett has no childer. This is by design due to backstory. I'm also super-picky about PC childer anyway, so this is probably for the best...

  • Clients: Looking for a good suit? Or shoes? Scarlett can provide either.
  • A Game of Letters: The art of letter-writing is not lost. Looking for a pen pal to share gossip with? Scarlett is always ready to play.
  • Friends and Mentors Old and New: Were you close with Scarlett before she went into torpor? How close?
    • Note: Between 1960 and 1990, Scarlett was better known as Betty Thorne.
    • No longer entertaining romantic ties. Sorry y'all, but Scarlett's dance card is a wee bit full.
  • Enemies and Rivals: If you don't have any enemies, you're doing it wrong. If you don't know who your enemies are, you're really doing it wrong. Does Scarlett have a reason to dislike you to the point to take action? How? Why?

Status and Contact Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Renee Ritchie
Storyteller: Tanya Telson

Last updated: 4/28/17


  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla of the Camarilla


  • Favored by Trajan, Imperator of the Camarilla
  • Favored by Serratus, Elder of the Camarilla
  • Courteous by Toby Dior, Master Harpy of New York City, NY
  • Courteous by Arden, Master Harpy of San Francisco, CA
  • Loyal by Papa Aquitaine, Archon to Her Grace, Shar-Sin