Scars of the Earth

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Teaser for theme, mood, etc (optional), written by VST, (cough cough hint cough)

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Game Instructions

House Rules

  • Auspice Moon- The Moon’s auspice will rotate monthly. The current moon phase may be altered according to the needs to plot, both ST and player driven (i.e. First Changes, etc.) If this occurs, the next month’s moon phase will go back to a given list. Final auspice notation will be found in each game’s pre-game announcements.

Proxy Rules

Wolves of Baltimore

  • Breaks-the-Silence, Cahalith Bone Shadow
  • Given current numbers, just link to your PC's bio page, and list your tribe/auspice/pack.


  • List packs as appropriate

Locations of Note

  • Tur?
  • Pack Territories?
  • Loci
  • Add locations as needed.

The Graveyard

The Honored Departed

  • List of the Deceased who honored the Tenants of the Moon.

The Ignominious Dead

  • List those who either left the Forsaken or otherwise died dishonorably.

Venue-Specific Timeline

  • 1800s: The city was mostly Pure.
  • 1920: With the feminist movement, a pack of female Uratha, the Howling Maidens, took back the town of College Park, Maryland. This pack made the way for other packs to take over surrounding areas. Soon, the area was no longer Pure controlled
  • 1932: The last Pure pack in the area fell. The Pure were angered by this and made a rising movement to fight. An all-out war started between the Uratha and the Pure.
  • 1947: The Pure had made reasonable headway. Although, College Park was still controlled by the Uratha, the Pure controlled the surrounding areas.
  • 1956: Spirits in the area, because of a tear in the Shadow, were coming into the material realm freely and possessing humans. This caused the local Uratha to put their fight with the Pure aside to handle the Spirits.
  • 1958: The tear in the Shadow is sealed but at a great cost. An alpha of the Uratha sacrificed herself to close the tear.
  • 1960: The Beshlu weaken the Gauntlet and ended up in an infestation in the area. Each of the packs had to work together to get rid of the Beshlu. It took 6 months but ended with the destruction of the beshlu infestation.
  • 1965: A battle between the Pure and the local Uratha happen, ending in the loss of many on both sides. The battle ended in a stalemate. Both sides, seeking to regain their numbers, retreated back to their territory.
  • 1967: The Brethren War begins. With the start of the war, many of the strongest of the Uratha began to fight against the Pure in the Area. Conflict continues until many leave for the Battle of Boulders in 1997
  • 1980: Talon of the Blood Talons, arrives in the area and joins the pack, Glorious Fury.
  • 1985: White, Rahu Storm Lord, comes to the area and joins the pack as well.
  • 1990: Throughout the 90s, although the Uratha sporadically patrolled the Shadow, the primary concern was the ongoing war with the Pure.
  • 2002: The Pact of Split Arrow is signed. Most of the Uratha in the area are either dead or gone. This leaves the shadow and territory of College Park open and in ruins.

NPCs and events of note

(ST's sandbox area)