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by the Camarilla
by Elder Theobald Albrecht



  • Sire
    • Scratch
      • Childe
    • Broodmate

Scratch Picture

The moon shone

through a large stained glass rendering of Saint Michael, when a shadow muddled and formed behind it, and grew as the caster of said shadow drew near, and, eventually, crashed through. He was large, himself, with a wingspan as wide as the window, powerful gray bat-wings flapping a cold downbreeze under him, driving him into the cathedral and then downward, toward the action. He was clearly made of stone, a gray granite, mottled with a dark green moss that grew over his shoulders, arm, and chest, then down to his lower abdomen. His face was demonic: a snarled mouth, curled ram's horns, and a heavy brow over dark black pools of eyes. Mottled moss formed a facsimile of a beard, and a lions mane of ivy streamed behind is head in the wind. He swooped low, close to the fight, and grabbed a combatant, one of your own, and hefted them into his arms, before slamming into their opponent with a hand tipped in long, stony claws, full force. With his rescue firmly in hand, he swung upward, and flew back out the window.

Quotes and Rumors

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  • "I loved his kid show!" - Uror
  • "'Scratch' is another name for 'Bad Touch'..." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "There was this one time in Germany where Scratch made a bet with this poor art student." - Wieland
  • "Scratch, I knew him when he was named Toby..." -Prisoner 13

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Player: Stout Gerrity
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Gargoyle
Domain: GA-010-D
VST: [mailto: Richard Dold]