Sean Thomas Booker

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Name: Sean Thomas Booker
Class: Human, Lucifuge
Age: 40s


Sean Thomas Booker


Accord Investigative Services



Accord PC

Player: Chris Burns
Creature Type: Human, Hunter, Lucifuge
Division: Accord Investigative Service (AIS)
Domain: MES Virtual: Japan
VST: Tokyo VST

Sean's rarely seen Mark of the Beast form

Known Skills and Abilities

Sean's rosewood handled knife

Sean has displayed great skill with his knife. He is also, allegedly, a trained medical professional though he does not claim the title Doctor. Making good coffee also appears to be a specialty.


Recently brought into the Lucifuge after years on the run, Sean only speaks openly of his background with a few, key individuals. Most of what is know are only rumors.

Current Activity

Assigned to defeat something in Tokyo, Sean arrived in the city in September of 2013. A Believer, he was quickly identified by Chobu and brought into the Accord. For now he works with Chobu to defeat the Truth and fulfill his mission from the Lucifuge. Sean has quickly risen to become a valuable part of the Mutual Aid Task Force.


Sean's ride
  • Apparently knew F1R3W@LL at some point in his past
  • Seen in Phoenix from 1998 for roughly two years, during the city's conflict between the various supernatural factions
  • 2000 to 2007 Sean falls off the grid
  • 2007 re-emerges and is brought to Milan to fulfill his destiny with the Lucifuge
  • 2013, September, assigned to Tokyo
    • Brought into the Accord by the Chobu within days of his arrival in Tokyo

Known Associates

Sean's hellcat is bored with you now.

The Chosen Few



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The Fallen

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  • "I believe he is adjusting well to life in Japan and he cooperates admirably with his comrades. My sole concern is that... What? Oh? He bought us that marvelous coffee machine? Strike that then. I have no concerns." - 43, discussing the South Unit cell members with the Director General
  • "Coffee?"
"Yes. In the last week I've been from New York to Dallas to Greece to here. I have noooo fucking idea what time it is."
"Half past a monkey's ass," Sean says, with a childlike tone. He goes to make more coffee.
Tsk! "That is not an actual time, Sean."
- a quality conversation between two know-it-alls who are emotionally 14, with F1R3W@LL
  • "So, Sean isn't well. But he's also been through some shit and he means a lot to F13. So I want to help him as much as I can." Simon
  • "Sean is legit a badass motherfucker, I will fight by his side any fucking time he puts out the call...and he'll always be one of the first I ask to help me out. He's phenomenal." - Ridley St. James
  • "I met the man during a mission to dismantle R.A.T.'s VR simulation. I took him for little more than your standard Marlboro Man hunter, silent but deadly type. He has since dissuaded me of that notion. I still can't decide if what he did was heroic or evil. I hate that about this fight. The blurred lines." - Ellis Kingsly


  • Sean went off grid into the Church of Ultimate Truth
    • Is actually a sleeper agent/Servant
  • Was involved with L'Enfant Diabolique
  • Is wanted in connection with dozens of murders


  • Dr. John Watson as played by Martin Freeman on Sherlock.
    • Moody, talented doctor who runs in circles of psychopaths

Out of Character

Ties Sought

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