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Her Life's Story

From her own words
If you ask me about my life before I was taken, my response would be, "I do not remember." it is not that I do not want to remember, it is I cannot remember. What I can remember is the gilded cage I was in for such a long time. I do not know the for how long I was in that cage, but I do remember the cage. At first, I remember my keeper showing my beauty to those of other area of the realm. I was the apple of my keeper's eyes and he would stare at me for hours at a time. Did I take pleasure in this? No. Even though I was the desire of my keeper's eyes, he never talked to me or showed any type of emotions towards me, except one, Pride. Anything else, I was only an object to gaze upon. A piece of the artwork or furniture.

It was this pride that was my undoing. I do not know why it was done to be, but I had no say in what happened. All I know is one night, while laying in my bed, I heard a rustling from the outside. I could not see what was going on due to the darkness and the over my keeper put over my cage at night. However, I could feel one thing as I stared into the darkness, FEAR! I sat up with my covers over my body as I looked about. The noise stopped. I waited, listening. Nothing. I laid back in my bed, thinking it was something else. Trying to go back to sleep, I heard a soft voice whisper something toward my cage and then, like someone sticking a knife between my ribs and twisted. I screamed out in pain and I don't remember anything after that.

About five minutes later, I awoke to a light coming from beyond the cover and in a single swish, it was off. My Keeper peered into the cage. The look on his face was in horror as he looked at me. Did I do something wrong? I looked down and noticed my petite little frame had expanded 10 times it should have. My Keeper slowly put the cover over me and I did not see the light of day for a while.

I was sad for a while, while the room he kept me in was vacant. I was alone, so alone that I felt my existence not worth living. That is when he came to me, in my dreams. I do not know who he was, but he was there. He never told me his name, nor used the same look all the time. but I knew it was the same man. I remember one of my dreams, we were in a meadow, he was dressed like an English Tinker and I a princess. I remember sitting on a rock, talking about this and that. Just little petty things that found out interested. I remember reciting a poem I had made up in my head, just out of the blue. He smile and said that once I was a Treasure to look at, not I am a treasure muse and started calling me Seema Clio. I remember asking his name 3 times that conversation and he would ver. away from the subject and into another. I do not know if he was trying to protect me or what, but it was so hard to not know who he was and where he was. In one of my last dreams about it, he said something about escaping to the Hedge and getting out of this land. I was puzzled and question about a way to get out? I never thought in my wildest dreams there was a way out of my predicament. He told me there was and described the Hedge as best as he could. He then put his hand on my face and kissed my lips so softly and told me he would be waiting on the other side for me. That was the last time I dreamed about my man.

I don't remember how long it was, but day, after day, I would sit on my bed in the cage, not being the center of my keeper's attention. My days were depressing and I felt I should not longer live. I started having strange dreams that I was out of my cage, running from something, feeling my body being dragged to a hedge. I was out of breath, and my huge body couldn't carry me anymore and I feel flat on my face. Then I woke up in a cold sweat.

It was some time later that I heard my keeper talking to someone else about a possible trade. I could not hear the whole conversation, but it had to do with me for someone reason. An hour went by and I felt my cage being picked up and taken out somewhere. I held on to the bars as something had the top and started to walk out into the open air. It was cold night and I could not see where it was taking me due to the cover, but I felt where I was going was not a good place The next thing I remember was the cage slipped, or was flanged, I don't know which, onto the ground and the door was broken open. Seeing my chance to get out of the cage, I took it and leap out of the cage and ran. I could see a large cat-type beast looks down at me and start to spring into the chase. I was huffing and puffing as I ran in the direction I had escape. I heard the growls of the cat-beast behind me as he chased after me.

In the distance, I could see a large wall, a wooden wall that was covered with Vines. It was the same wall that was in my dream, so I bolted for the wall with the cat-beast behind me. Before I knew it, I trip, landing face first down in a muddle poodle. My dream was coming true. The cat beast came closer and closer, his fangs bearing as it was poise to strike. I didn't know what to do and then found the strength to get up and run to the wall.

One to the wall, I looked around for an entrance, I could not find one, but something drew me to the right . I followed it and found some sort of opening. The Cat-beast was close enough to where I could smell its foul breath on my neck. Taking a chance, I leaped for the opening and remembered no more. I came out on an island, I did not know where.

To Be Continued...

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