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Traditionally, Malkavians were often seen as prophets, their visions used to sift through the future and riddle out warnings and messages. The Seers are dedicated to finding meaning in the madness of the Cobweb and puzzling out what is in store for the future of Kindred and the Camarilla. Seers focus on their own visions and revelations, often lost in the maze of prophecies that come with such mutable concepts. These Malkavians use what they see for Sect and Clan alike, focused on the task at hand and the visions that swirl through their minds.

This faction is composed of both Dominate and Dementation Malkavians, and has no favoritism in either direction. They believe insight can come from anywhere, and are uninterested in any particular doctrine. They find the Thought Police and Pranksters alike to have lost the forest for the trees. They caution both factions that focus must remain on the gifts that their madness has brought them, that theirs is a gift of pure insight without bias.

Confirmed Members:

Rumored Members: