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Character Information
Clan: Gargoyle
Sect: Sabbat
City: Savannah, GA
Player: Marisa Geoghagan
Storyteller: Xander Nolan

Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Seffora

Clan: Gargoyle

Sect: Sabbat, former Camarilla

Embraced: 1720

Generation: 12th

Notable Features: Huge Size, Eerie Presence, Smell of the Grave

Known by the Sabbat

Path: Path of Honorable Accord

Status: 2

Initiated by Brother Primus, Bishop of Savannah, Georgia
Enlightened by strength of her faith

Known by the Tremere Antitribbu

  • Before joining the Sabbat, she guarded a Camarilla Tremere Chantry in Europe.
  • She defected with Alexei Grimand and was accepted by Brother Primus into the Sabbat.


If you are interested in being part of my lineage, email me!


  • "This one serves."
  • "This one kills, but... also protects." - to Nervena, newly Inducted of the Sabbat
  • "My precious doll - I owe her my life, as she owes me hers." - Alexei Grimand
  • "Strong, tough, and efficient. She is worthy of taking up a crusade at my side. - Brother Primus

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  • She has been so thoroughly Dominated by the Tremere that she listens to Alexei Grimand without question.
  • Despite Brother Primus being the Ductus of her pack, Alexei is the only one that can control her.
  • She's little more than a rabid dog on a short leash.
  • She lost out on a test of strength to Sheena Armstrong. She's still plotting bloody revenge.

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OOC Information

Player: User:Marisa G. US2012030128