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Selene was born in Osterholz-scharmbeck, Germany on the 31st of December in 1949. Her father, Damion Choiseul, was a medical doctor. Her mother, Reika Choiseul, was a social climber. Her best friend was a girl named Tessa. Selene was the eldest of the children that Damion and Reika had. The second eldest to the youngest are as followed: Veronika, Airlia, Lunette, and Jezebell.

Brick Brannigan was the Kindred that embraced Selene. Selene had a bad habit of staying late at the medical school. Well she was on her way home just after sun set when she notice a man being dragged down an ally way. She looked to see if any police was around, but none were to be seen. So she decided to try to save the man. She crept down the alley way to see that the man that dragged the gentlemen down the alley had pulled out some kind of dagger. It looked to be wooden to her from a glance. Selene then noticed a piece of broken board long enough to keep her at a distance should her attack not work. She grabbed the wood and crept quietly towards the man and hit him across the head with the board. The man caught on to Selene’s attack and spun around. He pulled a metal dagger out from his coat and stabbed Selene. This gave the Brick a chance to kill the man with the dagger.

When her family first started out her father wasn’t really well known as a medical professional at the time. As a result Selene developed a skill in larceny to survive. After her father became known, she no longer had to steal to survive, but did so any way to help those that couldn’t steal. Selene’s first love will always be her love of medicine. Though her mother tried with everything she had to get her daughter to marry, she was unsuccessful in this. Selene never really got sick as much as other children had when she was growing up. Her relationship with both of her parents was pretty stable; though, she spent a lot more time with her father studying under him in his medical practice. By no means was Selene ungrateful to her mother. She attended a private school until the age of eighteen. When she became of age, she asked her father to let her attend medical school and to study under him and his practice. Eventually he agreed, and Selene began her medical training at Harvard in 1967.

She learned to pick locks and perform larceny acts to survive early in life. She is very intelligent. Selene doesn’t have any negative characteristics.

The only people who would remember her was her family, her best friend, or the people she attended school with, and all of those people are either dead or dying. These people include her younger sisters and her best friend, but all are still in Germany.

The first supernatural powers that Selene realized she had was dominate. This made feeding a bit easier.

Selene may have made some modifications to her original name, so that the kind couldn’t figure out as easily that she was Kindred. Other than that anyone could recognize that the name was similar, if they made a connection.

Selene speaks both her native tongue and English. She keeps them from being forgotten because she reads in German every day and speaks English every day. She has a family portrait, her father’s pocket watch, and charm bracelet from her mother.

The décor of her house is Gothic Victorian. The color pallet is grays, blacks, and accent colors. In the living room the couch is a gray with black legs. To round black end tables sit on either side of the couch. The couch faces a fireplace which has a custom built cabinet with French doors. The cabinet holds the flat screen TV. A black grandfather clock sits next to the heavily draped window to which no light can penetrate its domain. In between the couch and the fireplace is a round coffee table. On both sides of the fireplace are built in wall to wall bookshelves filled with medical books and vampire lore. On one side of the couch on the opposite side of the window is a chaise lounge similar in color and style of the couch. On the couch and the chaise are small red pillows. Off the living room is a half bath with a toilet and a sink. The living room and dining room are combined. Behind the chaise lounge is a small, gray dining table that seats two adults. The kitchen is more modern than the rest of the house. It has black cabinets and a gray quartz countertop. The stove is stainless steel with a gas oven and an electric stove top. Above the stove there is a stainless steel microwave. There is a stainless steel refrigerator. The kitchen is in the shape of a horse shoe. Next to the kitchen is a hallway which leads to the bedroom. In the bedroom sits a queen four poster bed, with purple bed sheets. Two bedside tables sit on both sides of the bed. In front of the bed sits a purple chaise lounge in the same color as the bedspread. Like in the living room the window is heavily draped. Off the bedroom is the master bathroom with a deep, claw foot tub and a separate black and gray shower.

Selene’s retainer drives her anywhere she wants. As a habit she never makes a pattern of her comings and goings. Selene believes that if she forms a pattern that she is likely to get attack by a hunter, like her sire did when she found him.

Words to describe Selene are: Artistic, intelligent, and social climber.

The average stranger would describe Selene as classy and lady-like.

She would describe herself as intelligent, sociable, and charitable. Though she was raised by the preaching’s of the Church, she never really believed in them.

Her desire is to become more powerful. She is prejudices against people who are incompetent. She will always seek to advance in her unlife.

She is very much a lady. She dresses as such, but can be casual as well. She has purple hair and one purple eye and a green eye.

-- played by User:Stephanie R. US2013110051, [Stephanie R.]
-- PC is attached to the Columbus GA VSS for "Twilight Basin Requiem"

"Selene Choiseul"
Hag Lady
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