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Caern Information

  • Is known to have been at one point in time a shared Wendigo and Silverfang caern.


  • Scions of the Rising Storm
  • Maze's End
  • The Lost Generation

Caern Best Practices

Caern History

Local Spirits

  • Sidewinder, Rattlesnake variant, sept spirit.
  • Weather Spirits
  • Ravens, Birds of Pray
  • Squirrels, Deer, Elk, Rabbits
  • Wolf, Mountain lion, Bear
  • City Father: General Palmer (located in the city)

Places of Interest

  • The Lone Jack Cafe
  • Mt. Deception
  • Glenn Eire Castle
  • The Pioneers Museum
  • The Rodeo Hall of Fame

Claimed Territory

  • Pikes Peak, claimed by The Scions of the Rising Storm