Sept Offices and Personnel

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Caern Offices

Council of Elders/Eldest of each Auspice -

Other Positions, filled as needed

Caern Warder -
Gatekeeper -
Den Mother - Literally Vicious
Keeper of the Land - Thadious Winter
Master of the Challenge -
Rites Master - Preceptor Cioroi
Truthcatcher - Brad 'HD' Cottingham
Wyrm Foe -


Name Rank Auspice Breed Tribe Pack
John Stavros, "Song of Thunder" Adren Galliard Homid Shadowlord Scions of the Rising Storm
"Preceptor Cioroi - Devoir Primus" Elder Theurge Homid Shadowlord Scions of the Rising Storm
Ylva Rhaab Eskanos, "Literally Vicious" Fostern Theurge Homid Black Fury Scions of the Rising Storm
Rhuarc Hana, "One Hand Clapping" Fostern Theurge Lupus Wendigo The Seized Edge
Thadious "Winter of Discontent" Fostern Ragabash Homid Shadow Lord Scions of the Rising Storm
Jacy Akule, "Hide and Seek" Fostern Ragabash Homid Uktena The Seized Edge
Stella, "Finder's Keeper" Fostern Philodox Homid Bone Gnawer The Seized Edge
Brad Cottingham, "Fallow Fields" Adren Philodox Homid Glass Walker Maze's End
Long Fang, "The Shadow's Hideous Laughter" Cliath Ragabash Lupus Shadow Lords Scions of the Rising Storm
Magarac Rolf, "Shadow's Claw" Fostern Ragabash Metis Shadow Lords Scions of the Rising Storm
San Kim Ga-in Cliath Galliard Homid Stargazers
Nein-oh-Nine Cliath Ragabash Homid Bone Gnawers Road Ragin' Ruffians

Sept Allies

Name Rank Species Tribe Affiliation Notes
Church Tilau Bastet Pumonca Ally None