Sept of Boars Chosen

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Caern Information

  • Sept of Boar's Chosen
  • Caern Type/Level: Rage/3
  • Caern Totem: Boar
  • Location: Tuskegee National Forest, Alabama
  • Distance of Moon Bridge: 3000 miles


For many years the Sept of the Plainsmen stood as a model for urban dwelling Garou. The Sept itself was established in 1880 when a small urban Caern was discovered in the heart of a growing university. Its first Alpha was Riverboat King, a Glass Walker who achieved the rank of Elder before his death and was venerated by the entire Garou nation. As the Caern grew so did the University and the city that contained it. Many Alphas rose to power over the next 100 years until an Athro Bone Gnawer, Bougie the Cat Eater, took leadership. He was unconventional, but appeared quite strong to his fellow Garou. The peaceful times they enjoyed when he came to power were falsely attributed to his merit and he was given the rank of Elder. From 1981 until the Ratkin war, Bougie ensured that the Sept flourished, but his leadership was never truly tested until the day the Rats attacked, and on that day, he was found wanting.

When the first wave of Rats struck the surface, the Garou were caught completely off guard. The caern was immediately surrounded. Were it not for the brave efforts of Aaron Evenhand, an Elder Fianna, who single-handedly held back the first wave, the Sept of the Plainsmen would have been overrun. His sacrifice enabled Agnes, a Black Fury Adren warrior, to evacuate the younger members of the Sept and establish a fallback position.

In total, two Elders, three Athros, a handful of Adrens and Fosterns and two Cliaths lost their lives during the initial invasion of the Ratkin. Bougie, for his part, tried to lead a defense, but the sept warriors could see the fear in his eyes and lost hope as the Rats spread throughout the city. The Sept managed a single failed counter attack that lost the lives of two more Athros before Bougie ordered a retreat. The city was abandoned. The Caern was lost.

The rural, forested areas surrounding Auburn turned out to be an excellent hiding place for the Garou. There were no sewers or underground tunnels for the Ratkin to exploit and in these areas of unspoiled nature, Gaia was strong. Still, the rats expanded their control every day. Bougie did his best to recover from his defeat, but he had lost the respect of his fellow Garou. He was scandalized and punished for being a coward and failing to mount a proper defense of their home. He was stripped of his Elder rank, stripped of his Athro rank, and named Jackal-Hound as punishment for his cowardice.

By 2004, the Ratkin invaders were threatening the Garou hiding in the forest. With their Elders all slain, the remaining leadership of the Sept became determined and desperate to strike back at their enemy. Deep in the woods of the Tuskegee National Forest a Caern of Rage was raised. Though not particularly powerful, it was still a beacon in the darkness. The remaining Athro leaders of the Sept gathered and made a decision that would impact the area for years to come: They made a pact with the devil himself.

Ratkin and Garou were not the only supernatural creatures that called Auburn home. The leeches were also present. When the rats attacked, like the Garou, the vampires were pushed form their havens and forced to live on the outskirts of civilization. For Garou this was easy, but it decimated the bloodsuckers. Their organization faltered and other enemies moved in for the kill. The secretive monsters who took pride in hiding themselves were replaced by a new breed of vampire. One that did not hide in the shadows: The Sabbat. The Garou approached the Sabbat with a proposition: Fight together to rid the city of the rats and then share the spoils. The Sabbat agreed and shook the Sept’s hand while hiding a dagger behind their back.

Reinforced by Garou and other Fera, including a few Ratkin who did not support their brothers’ war, the Sept of the Plainsmen went on the offensive. The Garou pushed from the west while the Sabbat vampires pushed from the east. The offensive, though costly, proved a success. The Sept was left with only a handful of Adren and Fostern members lead by a single Athro: Agnes the Black Fury.

In the summer of 2006, the Ratkin threat was finally defeated. Agnes and a small group of other garou from the region met with the Sabbat to split control over the city. They were betrayed. The Sabbat attacked in force knowing that the Garou did not have the numbers to mount a defense. Agnes died fighting and the Sept of the Plainsmen was shattered.

The few remaining Garou gathered at the Caern of Rage in the forest. Apathy and anger took hold of them. Without the leadership of higher ranking Garou to organize them, they grew stagnant. One by one their ranks dwindled as individuals left to seek renown elsewhere. By the winter of 2010, only a small handful remained and some of those left to participate in a great ritual in Alaska. They promised to return, but when?

Contact Information

Region: Southeast
Location: Auburn, AL
Domain: AL-001-D

VST: Craig Venancio