Sept of Falling Waters

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General Caern/Sept Information

Name: Falling Waters
Level: 3
Totem: Fog
Power: Wisdom
Gauntlet Rating:
Moon Bridge Distance:

Domain: NY-012-D
VST:Charles Waterman

Supernatural History and Presence

General Caern and Sept Information

Name: Falling Waters
Level: 3
Totem: The Maiden of the Mists
Power: Wisdom
Gauntlet Rating:
Moon Bridge Distance:


==Public knowledge: == Falling Waters is a very old Caern, even by the standards of the Garou. We have good sources in the oral tradition that the Caern was founded only a very short time after the end of the last Ice Age and the birth of Niagara Falls at the mouth of modern Lake Ontario.

We know nearly nothing about the First People of this region. We know that Men and Garou lived on the shores of Lake Erie eight thousand years ago, but the histories are silent about who they were. We know they founded this Caern, we know from certain ceremonial relics that have been found that they worshipped Hirum/Grandfather Thunder, but when the Mound Builder people came to this land three thousand years ago, the First People had long disappeared.

We know the Mound Builders were closely tied to veneration of Uktena, but little else is known about them besides their association with that tribe and their heart-stoppingly beautiful burial sites. One of these mounds still stands at the mouth of the Niagara River, long may the flowers bloom there.

After the Mound Builders disappear, the time of the Iroquoian peoples comes. The drama of the Seneca, Huron and Neutral peoples has been well documented elsewhere, but it is important to note for the purpose of this essay that this was the period we believe Hirum/Grandfather Thunder relinquished his stewardship of the Caern. From what songs we have of that period (Of which the ‘Song of Thunder to his Children’ is my personal favorite), we know that control of the Caern passed to Hirum’s two sons, whose names have been lost to history. Within a few hundred years, the sons had left the stage, and we know with some certainty that the Maiden of the Mists was mistress of this Caern for at least the last seven hundred years.

Entering the Caern

In the Penumbra The traditional (read: most amusing to inflict on cubs) method of entering Falling Waters is by jumping off the Penumbral Falls, disappearing into the mists, then appearing inside the Caern proper. The exact mechanism of how this works hasn’t been adequately explained, but the folk explanation is that the Maiden of the Mists weighs the soul of every Garou who enters the Caern, and any poor bastard carrying corruption or taint is likely to find themselves impaled on the rocks below.

Less courageous Garou are free to descend down into the Gorge and take the ancient paths behind the Falls. Much less exciting.

In the Real The only publicly known entrance among Garou is my means of a concealed entrance hidden away in the Cave of the Winds on the American Side. Like all attractions on the American side, it is firmly in the hands of the local Kinfolk, who take a perverse glee whenever they see a new Garou poking at walls, trying to find the way into the Caern.

The other, lesser known entrance is through the old channel tunnels of the abandoned Schoellkopf power station. These tunnels stretch under much of the Falls region and a clever Garou knows how to sneak through them to get into the Caern. These tunnels form the original 1881 entrance to the Caern, with the Cave of the Winds entrance replacing it after the Robert Moses plant went online in the 1950’s.

Level Zero- Above the Falls - Goat Island The thin deciduous woods and park of Goat Island, and the associated Bridal Veil Falls, is place of reflection and relaxation for the Garou. No formal Caern locations up here, but the area is always patrolled by the Guardian pack and is a peaceful, mellow sort of place. Almost all of the American Side workers (including the staff of Journey Behind the Falls and the sightseer craft “Maiden of the Mists” are Kinfolk of the Nation.

Level One - Under Goat Island - The Deeper Bawn, The Challenge Mound and Living Area. Here is where most of the everyday work of living at the Caern occurs. A few kinfolk live here in these caves, but most split time between working at the parks above and maintaining the Caern itself. Almost all the Garou have traditionally lived here. This is a place designed by a proseperous Sept of another day. Large and proudly vaulted ceilings, marble inlays, the works. But a century of decline has taken its toll of the place, and signs of water damage and crumbling stone can be found, if you know where to look.

Young Garou for generations have spent idle hours exploring the nominally sealed tunnels that branch off from the main pathways. Stories and rumors abound about wonders and ancient artifacts hidden away, but seemingly always hidden just one turn farther down the shadowy halls.

Level Two- Behind the Base of the Falls - The Halls of Assembly Meeting area for the full Sept. Built originally to fit several hundred Garou comfortably, which is vaguely depressing. Moots are held here as are most group discussions.

Level Three- The Heart of the Caern Located at the very bottom of the Caern, several hundred feet below the bottom of the Falls, sits the Heart.

The Heart is a large circular chamber of about five thousand square meters. The floor is covered with an ancient stone mosaic depicting the deepest history of the Caern. At the beginning of the mosaic are the great glaciers ripping away at the earth, cutting the trench that would one day create the Falls. The history spins around the axis of the wheel, showing the great deeds of Garou long dead and indeed long forgotten. The meanings of most of these icons have long been lost to the fogs of history. This place is old. Americans aren't used to thinking of time on these scales; this place is older than Rome, maybe older than the Pyramids. Though the Caern has been built and rebuilt many times over the centuries, the Heart retains the character of something created during the last ice age. Some say that through the grace of Gaia this place has endured through the last hundred centuries, others say that each time the Caern has been refounded, the Heart was carefully rebuilt in honor to the previous. Whatever the truth of the matter is, the ceiling here is carved stone and lacks the vaulting and inlays that decorate most of the Caern. The place smells pungently of damp stone and rich soil.

During most daylight hours, the Maiden can be seen here at the center of the mosaic, there she sits perched in lotus position with her eyes closed. Here, where the worlds are one, faint lines of gnosis can be seen in the air like smoke signals, both moving from and towards the Incarna. Jaggerlings and other minor spirits swirl around her like a slowly processing whirlwind. This procession provides the only light to this room; shadows move and dance around the revolving lights. Despite this display, the place is completely silent.

Level Four- The Halls of the Hallowed Heroes Stretching deep beneath the Granite bedrock beneath the Falls, the Hall of Heroes stretches back in time. Long halls dedicated to the bones of fallen Garou of all the tribes stretch off into the distance, and it is said that what little remains of the earlier Caerns can be found by following the long fracture caverns that stretch off through the broken bedrock.

A honor guard is always posted outside the gates of this place. Enemies of the Sept have occasionally found their way inside through the labyrinth of tunnels that stretch off from here, and while nobody has apparently come calling in decades, the tradition endures.

A Note on Olmsted’s Reconstruction

“A comprehensive and well-prepared scheme seems to us, for several reasons, to be peculiarly desirable for Buffalo; first, because Buffalo is a place of singular mobility and progressiveness and wealth, with every reason for expecting a prolonged career of prosperity, and a more than usual rapid development of advance in the common requirements of civilization…” - Frederick Law Olmsted, Kinfolk, Chief Architect, 1889 Falling Waters Rebuild.

The Caern, while quite venerable and I’m assured quite beautiful, was really just a hole in the ground until the Olmsted renovations of the late Nineteenth Century. Replacing the old Caern was an architectural marvel to rival the great underground cities of the old world. Powerful archways, intricate arabesques, and shining marble replaced the dour dampness of the old tunnels. Every time you flush your toilet or turn on the lights, take a moment to thank old Freddy Olmsted.

To see what the Caern once looked like, the old tunnels are still there in places, if you know where to look, and of course the Heart and Hall of Heroes look just as they always have. - J Matheson, 1967

Local Garou Landmarks

Niagara Glen, Niagara Falls, ON and other Canadian sites are out of play for now.

  • The Devil’s Hole

43.134500, -79.045878 Remains of Falling Waters Caern C - Believed Cursed. It is said that any who take even a single pebble from this place are doomed to an eternity of ill luck until said stone is returned. Probably just superstition, but President McKinley did visit Devil’s Hole only hours before his assassination.

  • Zoar Valley

42.447839, -78.921979
The most ancient intact old growth forest in the Northeastern United States, Zoar Valley has traditionally been seen as a place of spiritual healing and home to a hidden Glen or two. Since the collapse of the Zoar Valley Sept in the Nineteen Nineties, it is said that a great evil has taken abode within these woods.

  • Allegany State Park

42.101112, -78.748600
Unlike Zoar Valley, Allegany is just plain haunted by banes and the human dead. While the areas great scenic beauty remains, the psychic scars of ancient battles and the abomination of the Kinzua dam leads to a place many Garou are reticent to go.

  • Love Canal

43.080518, -78.948956
Symbol of the decay and wyrm taint of the American city of Niagara Falls, Love Canal remains home to a virulent and evil blight.

  • The Old Mound at Fort Niagara

43.262073, -79.056148
A small earthen mound, at the mouth of the Niagara River. This also marks the farthest North and East that the Mound Builder civilization ever built. It is also believed by many also mark the location of Falling Waters Caern A

Sept Officers

Greater Offices

Adren Bone Gnawer(Homid)

  • Sept Beta- None

Council of Elders

  • Eldest Ragabash -
  • Eldest Theurge -
  • Eldest Philodox -
  • Eldest Galliard -
  • Eldest Ahroun -

Other Offices

These positions may be filled temporarily, as needed, or even be left vacant.

  • Ritemaster Emeritus - Rugissement du Taureau

Elder Uktena Philodox (Lupus)
Officially Master of Rites, though unofficially retired since 2010.
Old and gruff, scared by a hundred battles, du Taureau has essentially disappeared
from public life since the Dousing of Antihelios.

Local Packs

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Name Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Glory Honor Wisdom
Dietrich Von Stauffel Athro Get of Fenris Philodox Homid 5 8 4
Jimmy Chmielewski Fostern Bone Gnawer Theurge Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Stanley Putsky Adren Silicon Sentinal Theurge Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Ron Adams Adren Silver Sentinal Galliard Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Artemis Kokkinos Adren Black Fury Ragabash Homid 9 5 5
Mitch Johnson Adren Bone Gnawer Ahroun Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Cameahwait Fostern Uktena Philodox Lupus Glory Honor Wisdom
J Bailey Adren Bone Gnawer Ragabash Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Saxon Metzger Cliath Shadow Lord Ragabash Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Fannar Haldorson Cliath Get of Fenris Theurge Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Maggie Golden Silence Cliath Bone Gnawer Ragabash Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Speaks With Trash Cliath Bone Gnawer Theruge Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Miguel Castillo Adren Silver Fang Philodox Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Sieger Sinstalker Cliath Shadow Lord Philodox Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Amelia Shadowclinger Cliath Silent Strider Theurge Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Radu Voda Cliath Shadow Lord Ragabash Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Vincenzo Magdalino, Jr. Athro Silicon Sentinel Theurge Homid 5 5 10
Giovanna Martel Cliath Silver Fang Galliard Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Captain Clint Hale Cliath Fianna Ahroun Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Walks in Shadow Fostern Silent Strider Theurge Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Ozmand Holmes Cliath Silent Strider Philodox Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Ashes to Ashes Cliath Silent Strider Ahroun Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Tariq Seta Cliath Silent Strider Ahroun Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Speaks with Gaia Voice Cliath Child of Gaia Galliard Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Walks Among Sheep Cliath Red Talon Philodox Metis Glory Honor Wisdom
Maximillian Cliath Get of Fenris Ragabash Lupus Glory Honor Wisdom
William Eriksson Fostern Get of Fenris Galliard Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Ylva Ulvkriger Fostern Get of Fenris Ahroun Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Asya Petrova Fostern Silver Fang Ragabash Homid 2 3 3
Ethereal Quality Fostern Silver Fang Theurge Lupus Glory Honor Wisdom
Straun Castillo Cliath Silver Fang Galliard Homid Glory Honor Wisdom
Your name here Rank Tribe Auspice Breed Glory Honor Wisdom

Major Spirits

Pack Totems

  • Fenris
  • Falcon
  • Chimera
  • Fox
  • Owl
  • Harrier

Known Places of Power

  • Love Canal

PC/NPC Maintained Places of Interest

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Slander and Libel


These guys showed up when called and stood shoulder to shoulder with us when it was tough and when the walls were lined with every nasty thing the Wyrm can throw at us. They are welcome in my Bar any day of the week, hell I may even buy them shots - Last Call


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Hall of Heroes

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