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Caern Information

  • Sept of Living Echoes
  • Caern Type: Memory
  • Caern Level: 4
  • Caern Totem: Fintan, the Salmon of Wisdom
  • Gauntlet: 3
  • Bawn: Lodge of the Three Virtues
  • Tribal Structure: Fianna. The Seat of the Fianna in the United States.
  • Established: 1780
  • Location: 11 Miles SSE of Jonesborough, TN - The Great Smokey Mountains
  • Distance of Moon Bridge: 6000 miles

Caern Laws

  • Metis are expressly forbidden from travelling past the Bawn and onto the Caern without the direct permission on a case-by-case basis from the Warder. This has only happened once recently, and it was during the Ratkin War while the Sept was besieged.
  • Weaver-tech is forbidden on the Bawn or Caern.
  • Consumption of fish and fishing is forbidden on the Bawn or Caern.
  • Rat-spirits are expressly forbidden from the Sept, and Rat Totems may not be summoned during any Moot or event.
  • To stay the evening on the Bawn or Sept, guests must undergo the Rite of Hospitality as given by any officer of the Sept.
  • Within an hour of arrival all Fianna are expected to make a journey to the Caern Heart to offer the reciting of their lineage and a tale of Glory, Honor, or Wisdom of themselves or an Ancestor, and to visit the Heroes' Cairn to offer praise and thanks to the fallen Garou remembered there. It is also expected that Fianna will offer some small jewelry or precious good crafted by the Fianna to the Caern spirit by dropping it into the waters of the Caern. Metis are exempt from this requirement. Non-Fianna who honor these acts find favor from the Caern spirits.

Caern Powers

  • Perfect Recall: While at the Caern, all events that take place at the Caern are always able to be recalled with perfect clarity. Sept members receive Merit: Eidetic Memory at all times and at no cost, and without counting against the maximum number of Merits a character is allowed.
  • Ancestors: While using the Rite of Summoning to summon Ancestor spirits at the Sept, the ritualist Wins-All-Ties, and is given a free retest on the challenge. Also, any character member of the Sept who does not have a Tribal Restriction on the Ancestors background is automatically treated as having Background: Ancestors x3.
  • Lore: Naturally, a Caern of memories has vast stores of knowledge from ages long past. With presiding Storyteller approval, the Caern can be used to research various Lores. Any Lores learned at the Caern still require their approval levels as listed in the addendum.


The Sept of Living Echoes was originally a Sept belonging to the Pure Ones that was lost in the late 16th century. The knowledge of the Sept before that time and the Garou that dwelled there has seemingly vanished, even from the Caern spirits of the Sept. As European settlers flooded into the Appalachian Mountains, a Fianna Theurge named Dermot McDougal "Songs of the Mist" claimed to hear the song of a powerful slumbering spirit in the hills, and with two packs of Fianna he traveled into the forest-covered mountains and deep into the stream-riddled caves to find the slumbering Caern spirit. The Caern spirit refused to reawaken, and so Songs of the Mist summoned in the cool flowing streams Fintan, The Salmon of Wisdom. Fintan agreed to bond with the Spirit of the Caern to help reawaken the Caern.

Summoning a number of Fianna down into the Mountain the Rite of the Caern Opening was conducted. Numerous Fianna lost their lives in the reopening to the Wyrm minions that crawled in from the nearby town of Gatlinburg and the Great Smokey themselves, but in the end, a mortally wounded Songs of the Mist was able to finish the Rite just before passing on. The Fianna held a Great Moot to honor the fallen and establish the Caern. During the Moot two packs of Uktena arrived, and requested permission to attend. Many in attendance expected the Uktena to make demands of the Caern the Pure Ones had lost. Instead, the Uktena participated peacefully in the Moot Rite, and requested only to visit the Caern spirit. The Uktena were granted their request as Fintan told the Fianna to do, though supervised by most of the Sept. The Uktena seemed to pray to the Caern spirit and communicate with it, and then, as if deeply saddened - the Uktena thanked the Fianna for their hospitality, and then left. Uktena are still welcomed to announce themselves and attend the Sept if their request is agreed to, but they have never asked to speak with the Caern spirit again.

Shortly after the Moot Rite was performed, the Bawn was established and the Lodge of the Three Virtues was constructed. A massive mountain-side hall for festivities that would become known for it's wild parties and impressive moots, as well as mead, food, and hospitality.

  • still under construction*

Contact Information

Region: South East
Location: Jonesborough, TN

VST: David Doherty