Sept of Rolling Thunder

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Illustrative of the oncoming storm.

General Caern/Sept Information

Name:Rolling Thunder
Totem:Grandfather Thunder
Gauntlet Rating:3
Moon Bridge Distance:3,000 miles

Domain:CA-056-D (Strange Bedfellows)
VST:David Merriam

General Caern and Sept Information

Note: This game is retired.

Name: Rolling Thunder
Level: 3
Totem: Grandfather Thunder
Power: Leadership
Gauntlet Rating:3
Moon Bridge Distance:3,000 miles
Established Moon Bridges: Sept of The Valley of The Moon, ((Several NPC septs))

Once, the Rolling Thunder Sept was one of the most important in California, both at the forefront of the fight against the Wyrm in the city, and as a gathering point for those fighting and lobbying against policies in the state legislature. Seated at the Leland Stanford Mansion in the heart of the city, it drew on the powerful iconography of the power brokering and influence that he left behind. Eventually, it was purchased by the state and declared a historic landmark. The founders of the Caern fought this for a time, preventing the opening for as long as possible.

Both the state of the Caern and the status of the park itself were changed by the onslaught of the Ratkin War. Only through the aid of the Anya "Walker-in-Bright-Ways" Singh Mehra, a theurge of the Stargazers that did not leave the Garou Nation, was the Caern saved. During the assault, she offered her aid in moving the caern, and in desperation the Elder Council of the Sept accepted.

Still reeling from the effects of the Ratkin War and the near constant battle with the Wyrm, the Sept is greatly depleted from its former glory. There are few resources left, and countless battles left to fight.

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Sept Officers

Council of Elders


  • Embla Wolfstooth (NPC - Fenrir Fostern Ahroun)
  • Bows to the Storm (NPC - Shadowlord Adren Theurge Lupus)

  • The bio template for Apocalypse can be found here: Apocalypse Bio Template and was provided by Mike Wells. Thanks, Mike!