Sept of The Golden Door

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Sept of the Golden Door
Level: Three (with potential for 4)
Totem: Yuquiyu
Power: Fertility
Gauntlet Rating: Three
Moon Bridge Distance: 3,000 Miles or 4828 KM
VST: Jennifer Anderson

Notes: The Caern proper is located on the southeastern slope of the 3,532 foot tall El Yunque Mountain in the El Yunque Rainforest in northeastern Puerto Rico. The heavily wooded Bawn extends down to the foot of El Yunque and contains many streams, waterfalls, and caves in addition to acres upon acres of densely packed plant and animal life. The Protectorate as a whole covers nearly the entire rainforest - over twenty thousand acres. The Caern heart itself is situated INSIDE the El Yunque mountain. In a well hidden cave, covered by Illusion Spirits, is a tiny cave entrance. Not even Tourists know this is here. It winds around and around inside the El Yunque mountain. The smell of water is ever present and the Gauntlet is extremely thin, causing you to occasionally slip into the Umbra and back out. Spirits seen here are Water and Rock Elementals, Bat Spirits, Coqui Frogs, and tiny Uktena Gafflings. Winding through, you can see where they lay their dead, including the more recent deaths. One grave even has a Klaive attached to it. (If anyone takes that Klaive, I will let the Sept Beta handle things). When you enter the cavern that is the Caern Heart, there are Uktena Gafflings and Jagglings EVERYWHERE.

The Laws outside the Litany:

"None shall have want." "Honor the ancestors of the Island." "Respect all, till respect is lost." "Challenge accordingly." "Do not lose the stone Coqui." "If the stone Coqui is lost report it immediately." "Enter and exit at the assigned places."



  • Caller of the Wyld - Vacant
  • Den Parent - Vacant
  • Gatekeeper - Vacant
  • Keeper of the Land - Woodtongue
  • Master of the Challenge - Vacant
  • Master of the Howl - Vacant
  • Talesinger - Vacant
  • Truthcatcher - Vacant
  • Wyrm Foe - Vacant
  • Devils Advocate - Ana Thunder's Lesson
  • Ritemaster - Vacant
  • Caern Warder - Vacant
  • Speaker for the kinfolk - Mina Yellow Deer
  • Speaker for the Sanga - Caw Though this may be contested


Name Rank Breed Auspice Tribe Camp Pack
Amun's Promise (5) Elder Lupus Ahroun Silent Strider Swords of Night Forlorn Hope
Orel "Lance" Tvarivich (5) Elder Homid Ahroun Silver Fang
Cozamalotl Questions Jones (5) Elder Metis Ragabash Uktena
He Who Shines the Way "Peter Albrecht" (5) Elder Lupus Ahroun Silver Fang House Wyrmfoe Sun Lodge The Vanguard
Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer (5) Elder Homid Philodox Get of Fenris Fang of Garm Forlorn Hope
Heals Old Wounds (4) Athro Homid Philodox Silver Fang House Wise Heart Asi̱ménia Kardiá
Walks the Dragon's Spine (4) Athro Homid Theurge Silcon Sentinal Dual Sept Membership
Seamus Stone's Unrelenting Resolve (4) Athro Homid Ahroun Fianna Sol Invictus
Zoe "Heart of Silver" Anwar (4) Athro Homid Theurge Silver Fang House Wise Heart - Moon Lodge Forlorn Hope
Misery's Fury (3) Adren Homid Galliard Fianna Seekers of the Path
Rosie "Rose Quartz Eyes" Hutchinson (3) Adren Metis Galliard Get of Fenris
Malena "Spineripper" Eberhart (3) Adren Homid Ragabash Get of Fenris
Samantha "Rage of Knowledge" (3) Adren Homid Ahroun Children of Gaia Seekers of Dawn
Remy "Poisoned Waters" (3) Adren Homid Ragabash Wendigo
Snow Melts (3) Adren Homid Philodox Wendigo
No Reason Needed (3) Adren Lupus Ahroun Silver Fang House Austere Howl The Vanguard
Coiled Wisdom (3) Adren Lupus Theurge Uktena
Milagros “Reina Araña” Quioñes (2) Fostern Homid Philodox Silicon Sentinel Wise Guys The Vanguard
Anastasia Romanov "Sanguine Moon's Battle Cry" (2) Fostern Homid Galliard Silver Fang Heads Will Roll
Ruric Peterson "Heart's Sacrifice" (2) Fostern Metis Philodox Fenrir Heads Will Roll
Ekko "Cherrybomb" Costas (2) Fostern Homid Theurge Black Fury Bones of the Earth Mother
Lilly Maddox (2)Fostern Homid Galliard Children of Gaia Forlorn Hope
Ana Thunder's Lesson (3) Adren Homid Ragabash Shadow Lords Sol Invictus
Stands with Might (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris
Chango Duvall "Moon Shadow" (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Shadow Lord
Josef Kiel (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris
David Wall-of-Text Tealdeer (2) Fostern Homid Ragabash Silicon Sentinel
Naomi Acosta "Fallen Leaf of the Honest Oak" (2) Fostern Homid Philodox Fianna
Woodtongue (2) Fostern Lupus Theurge Fianna
Stands on Crate (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Bone Gnawer
Alley Haunt (2) Fostern Homid Ragabash Bone Gnawer Camp
Joseph Kiel (2) Fostern Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris
Fairlight (2) Fostern Homid Theurge Fianna
Siodhachan_O'Sullivan (2) Fostern Homid Theurge Fianna
Aella "Hammer Rights the Scales" Kriptikos (1) Cliath Homid Philodox Black Fury Amazons of Diana Sol Invictus
Chad Wyler "Heals with a Touch" (1) Cliath Homid Ragabash Children of Gaia Bones of the Earth Mother
Marlon Charms the Moon (1) Cliath Homid Theurge Silver Fang Forlorn Hope
Myles Tazandlak (1) Cliath Homid Philodox Shadowlord The Vanguard
Catherine Winters "Grey Ghost" (1) Cliath Homid Theurge Silver Fang
Elena Galanis (1) Cliath Homid Galliard Silver Fang House Wise Heart Asi̱ménia Kardiá
Hard Decisions (4) Athro Homid Philodox Uktena Scouts
Rolls With Punches (1) Cliath Lupus Ahroun Get of Fenris
Sampson Pierce (1) Cliath Homid Philodox Child of Gaia
Feels the Silver (1) Cliath Metis Ahroun Silicon Sentinel
Walks two paths (1) Cliath Homid Rababash Silver Fang House Wiseheart Asi̱ménia Kardiá
Bear-Poker (1) Cliath Homid Rababash Silent Strider
Richard 'Seeks the Ancient Ways' Morningkill (1) Cliath Homid Philodox Silver Fang House Wyrmfoe Asi̱ménia Kardiá
Kalista 'Arrows Flight' Aetos (1) Cliath Homid Galliard Black Fury
IronBreaker (1) Cliath Homid Ahroun Get of Fenris
Tanwen Ap-Rees (1) Cliath Homid Galliard Fianna Songkeepers
Wanders Ahead aka Firefly (2) Fostern Lupus Ragabash Black Fury
Kieran O'Donnell (0) Cub Homid Theurge N/A N/A
Place Holder (1) Rank Breed Auspice Tribe


Name Kin Title Job Tribe Position
Ebony Forakis Mother of Blades Smith Black Fury Klaive Smith
Agatha Hinley
Alexandr Romanak Director Human Shadow Lord
Cadfael West  ? Human Silver Fang
Victoria Wycroft Computer Specialist Human Silicon Sentinel
John Stavros Jr. Human Shadowlord
Dr. Perrin Gallagher Archaeologist Human Silent Strider AP's Mate NPC
Silverwind NPC Wolf Lupus Silver Fang Warden
Giselle Jager Teacher Human Get of Fenris Tundra Stalker's Mate
Ree Stafford Troublemaker Human Silver Fang Kinfolk Speaker
Mina Yellow Deer Crafter / Artisan Wendigo


Name Rank Breed Type Position
Symeon  ? Homid Gurahl
Gleans Truth 2 Corvid Corax
Ashes on the wind 5 Homid Corax Speaker for the Fera
Wind Whispers 4 Corvid Corax
No Verbal Filter 2 Corvid Corax
Allashannee 1 Homid Bastet
"Diego" 3 Homid Nuwisha
Steven Vukoja  ? Homid Nuwisha
Caitlin 1 Homid Bastet

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